1. What is AlphaConcepts?
    We are a Hong Kong based Influencer (KOL) marketing platform that connect brands with social media influencers. We provide real and verified influencers, who can deliver speedy, high-quality contents to brands at scale.
  2. What is an influencer?
    Influencers are also known as KOL, “网红”, bloggers, content creators, internet celebrities, social media stars, thought leaders, etc. We classify an Influencer as someone with 2500+ followers on either Facebook or Instagram. Currently, we have a wide variety of influencers from micro-influencers to top tier influencers.
  3. Who should use this service?
    The service is for brand owners, marketers, and advertisers of this era who values time and quality. We are not an agency. If you are tired of searching, negotiating, verifying authenticity and managing influencers one by one and need a reliable influencer (KOL) platform that can deliver massive quantities of “verified” influencers in no time, and provide real time results and analytics, please talk to us!
  4. Why do I need to do influencer marketing?
    Consumers avoid ads and consumers trust what other consumers say. This is Word of Mouth marketing, and what we now call influencer marketing. While businesses are eager to get their brand message to consumers effectively, people are more engaged on relatable things but not on robotic type ads. Hence, influencer-generated, organic content is the key to effective engagement.
  5. Where does your influencers come from?
    All our “verified” influencers have gone through a rigorous vetting process. As you know, a lot of users can buy fake followers and likes nowadays. We developed a system to track influencers’ authenticity using various factors that determine real-ness of an influencer.
  6. How does it work?
    Step 1: Create an account via our website and verify email to complete registration. Click here
    Step 2: Create a campaign that will go live on our Influencer mobile app
    Step 3: Brand selects influencers and proceed to payment
    Step 4: Influencers comply with the Campaign requirements and Brands receive reports
  7. How much does the service cost?
    We have various subscriptions plans depending on your requirement (ie. quotation depends on how many influencer you need for the campaign and their category or “tier”). Our influencers are sub-categorised according to number of followers: micro-influencers = 2-10K followers; mid-tier influencers = 10-50K followers; top tier influencers = 50K and up followers.

    To get a quote, click here
    *Tiers may vary upon country, tiers above are applicable to Hong Kong
  8. What if I don’t want to use the platform myself?
    We can definitely help you with that! Just tell us your needs and we’ll help you out with the rest of the process.
  9. What is the lead time to create a campaign?
    Creating a campaign is easy! After you create an account > verify your email address > you can start creating a campaign (this can take 5mins). Once the campaign is approved, influencers can start applying to your campaign (real-time).
  10. What if no influencers signed up?

    Our network is full of influencers actively seeking good offers in town, and hence, this scenario is not likely to happen.

    However, in an event of an unfortunate scenario in which no one applies to your campaign, don’t worry, we will do our best to push it again via other channels such as app notifications/emails/other direct channels to inform the influencers about the campaign.

    You might have to create a Campaign with better value to attract the influencers too. Lastly, you will only be asked to pay once the influencers are confirmed.

  11. How can I guarantee that Influencers will be posting on social media?
    Our technology can detect actions within the social media accounts of the influencers, and will be able to remind our social influencers to take action.
  12. Can I contact the influencer(s)?
    You cannot contact the influencer(s) directly. For any urgent matter, please drop us a message at
  13. I want to deactivate my Campaign

    To deactivate your offer, simply switch off the ACTIVATE button in your account. Go to https://www.alphaconcepts.co > Log in > Campaigns (or my offers) > click deactivate. However, please note that the offer can only be deactivated on the next day.

    For urgent matters, please contact us at info@alphaconcepts.co

  14. Can I select or view the influencers?
    This will depend on the subscription package you choose.
  15. Can I use the photos posted on social media on my own marketing channels?
    Yes, you will have the right of use of these photos posted. Feel free to leverage these photos on your own social media and various other marketing channels.
  16. Who can I contact for more enquiries?
    Send us an email info@alphaconcepts.co or schedule a call here
  17. I am an Influencer, where should I apply?
    Please download our mobile app and you will see the next steps! View more info here

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