1. What is AlphaConcepts?

AlphaConcepts is founded to enhance the impact of advertising for F&Bs. We aim to deliver traffic to bars and restaurants through word-of-mouth recommendation with agency-signed professional models, celebrities and bloggers.

To attract these social influencers, F&Bs will offer free or discounted service to the social influencers. In return, social influencers will post a ‘shout out' on their highly popular social media accounts.

  1. What is an influencer?

We classify an Influencer as someone with 2500+ followers on either Facebook or Instagram. Currently, majority of our influencers are professional models.

  1. How much does the service cost?

For your first month trial, the charge will only be HKD 10 per day. That’s only one entree at a restaurant and you can use the service for a whole month!

  1. How does it work?
    Few simple steps to attract influencers to your venue
  • Create an account on our website and provide us with the details of your restaurants
  • Our business development representatives will further explain AlphaConcepts with you in person
  • Create an offer stating (i) Timing and frequency, (ii) Retail value of vouchers and (iii) Maximum number of social influencers to be accommodated
  • Social influencers to enjoy free or discounted service in your venue
  • Social influencers to post a photo with a word-of-mouth recommendation on social media afterwards
  • You will enjoy the Rights of Use of the photos for future marketing use

  1. What if no influencers signed up?

Our network is full of influencers actively seeking good offers in town, and hence, this scenario is not likely to happen.

[The average number of hours to receive first recommendation]

However, in an event of an unfortunate scenario in which no one redeems your offer, you might have to create an offer with better value to attract the social influencers.

  1. How can I guarantee that they will be posting on social media?

Our technology can detect actions within the social media accounts of the influencers, and will be able to remind our social influencers to take action.

  1. Can I contact the influencer(s)?

You cannot contact the influencer(s) directly before he or she redeems the voucher. For any urgent matter, please drop us a message at info@alphaconcepts .co


  1. I want to deactivate my offer

To deactivate your offer, simply switch off the ACTIVATE button in the website. Go to https://www.alphaconcepts.co > log in > my offers > click deactivate. However, please note that the offer can only be deactivated on the next day.


  1. Can I select or view the influencers?

You cannot select the influencers. However, we will provide basic profile of the social influencers, such profile to be displayed upon login.

  1. Can I use the photos posted on social media on my own marketing channels?

Yes, you will have the right of use of these photos posted. Feel free to leverage these photos on your own social media and various other marketing channels.


  1. Who can I contact for more enquiries?

Send us an email info@alphaconcepts .com or submit your query via HELP