5 Reasons Why UNIQLO Became A Global Brand

Uniqlo, which focuses on making affordable basic clothing in different colors and sizes, was originally made to cater to the people of suburbs in Japan. After years of hardwork and innovation by its leaders, it’s now one of the biggest retail brands in the world! Learn how Uniqlo went from being a small retail shop to becoming a global phenomenon (and how it became one of the most discussed brands by millennials in Hong Kong last year!):

  • UNIQLO knows its identity

It’s okay to take inspiration from other brands, but to completely copy their style is wrong. For Uniqlo, they understand the importance of embracing their brand and being “unique” in the retail industry. Contrary to its name, Uniqlo’s clothes are simple yet universal. Its main focus is more on catering to customer’s needs rather than just on quick trends.

It promotes simplicity, but in the most stylish way.


  • It promotes sustainability

One of the many reasons why Uniqlo is loved by many people is because of its vision in promoting sustainability. A lot of retail brands today often neglect the responsibility of taking care of the environment, but Uniqlo differs from them. From making more eco-friendly jeans to emergency disaster clothing relief efforts to launching a recycle program, Uniqlo knows how to be ethical and environment friendly.

Note: millennials love brands who knows how to stand up for something. That’s one of the reasons why Uniqlo’s one of the most discussed brands in HK.



  • It is family-friendly

Uniqlo does not just cater to adults and millennials, they also have clothes to offer to kids! In their recent collaboration with KAWS, they reimagined the classic Sesame Street characters in their clothes to target a younger audience.

This only proves that Uniqlo is doing its best efforts to evolve as a brand and target all types of customers.


  • It promotes inclusivity

Whether you’re slim, medium built or plus-size, Uniqlo has something for you! The brand isn’t stuck to the usual size template. They have clothes ranging from extra small to extra large and some are even stretchable and adjustable. It doesn’t limit its styles to the typical body types. Aside from their products, they were also praised by hiring people with disability.



  • UNIQLO publishes good content on social media

Last but not the least, Uniqlo knows how to make an impression online. With their visually pleasing contents, anyone whoever lands on their social media pages will surely be mesmerized and be interested to patronize their products.

Marketing today is all about scaling up your social media game! If you are not on social media, better think twice!


If you are a brand wanting to reach Uniqlo’s global success, better have the right vision to inspire your customers. It’s all about connecting and making them feel welcomed and that they “belong”. Following Uniqlo’s footsteps could help you succeed in your own lane, just make sure to stay true to your brand and think of ways on how you can improve your marketing game.