Why Your Spa’s Instagram Is Your Best Asset

Most spa businesses today often neglect the idea of going digital. Some think it’s not really effective and reliable. And some are just satisfied with the results they’re getting from their old strategies.

But as the saying goes, “change is inevitable”. You can’t just sit comfortably and think that your current strategy is going to aid you in the long run. Seasons are changing and so are trends. For small spa businesses, one of the ways to stay on top of mind is to be on social media.

Currently, Instagram is the top social media platform for marketing a business. You might be wondering: how can Instagram help me get more customers? or why bother having an Instagram account when I already have regular customers?

Well, as what we stated in our previous spa article, not a lot of small spa businesses are using Instagram. Ready to take the leap and start marketing on Instagram? Read on:



  • Your spa’s Instagram can make you a trendsetter in your region


Being on Instagram is one thing, but it takes more than just having an account to be a trendsetter in your region. You have to maximise all the possible ways to market your spa in the most creative and convincing way.

You can start by taking inspiration from successful luxury spas. Afterwards, you can experiment by posting animations, polls, vlogs and even a live video tour of your spa. You can also observe what your competitors are doing. And then you can either do something similar but better, or do the complete opposite of their strategy.

Are your competitors only using their accounts on weekdays? Then be active on Instagram every single day (even on weekends!). None of them have discovered influencer marketing yet? Be a pioneer in your region by working with beauty influencers (KOL).

The main goal is to be the first to create and initiate a fun and immersive experience for your followers.



  • Your spa’s Instagram can attract partnerships with other brands


Most businesses don’t like having partnerships with other businesses due to brand exclusivity. But if you are a small spa, one of the best things you can do is to collaborate with a brand or an organization that can help you boost your business.

Once you create your spa’s Instagram account and start actively posting, you’re already allowing your business to be seen by other businesses that are looking to tie up with spas. In time, you may start receiving messages from other brands. Make sure to partner only with businesses that are relevant to you.

You may also be the first one to reach out to a brand if you want to. For a starter, you can work with small businesses that are selling organic beauty products. If you’re a beauty salon, it’s best to work with brands that are selling hair products.

Again, you can’t just do partnerships on impulse. You have to make sure that everything will be carefully planned.



  • Your spa’s Instagram can reach untapped audiences


With the billions of people on Instagram, you can totally reach untapped audiences.

The idea of beauty and spa are culturally correlated to women and femininity. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it sort of limits the spa industry to cater to a variety of audiences. The good news is that if you have an Instagram account, you can totally change that mindset.

You can do that through the contents you are posting. Try encouraging men to have a pampering facial. Be LGBT-friendly. Have discounts for customers over 60. Just be creative!

Note: Even before coming to your spa, customers already want to have an experience of your business through your posts. Like what is stated in #1, you need to create a fun experience so that people will be engaged to your business.



The game of business isn’t just about how many followers or likes you are getting. It’s all about the experience that will leave the customers wanting more. If Instagram can help you accelerate your business, then it’s definitely a perfect social media platform to unleash the best of your spa services.