Why Influencer (KOL) Marketing? | The Ultimate Answer

Why influencer (KOL) marketing? | 為什麼要網紅傳銷?

Majority of people now consume content on social media, and this is what brands shouldn’t ignore. One type of marketing that can truly get the attention of consumers is Influencer Marketing. Let’s dig into how it can benefit your brand. After all, it’s no longer just a buzzword —it’s a force that is changing the landscape of marketing!


In this video, we will talk about why influencer marketing? Welcome back! Now, to understand the value of KOLs, we need to know the consumer behavior and market trend. Let’s dig into it.

Number 1, consumers avoid ads. Did you know that out of all types of digital ads, there’s only one click out of 2,000 impressions? Additionally, 3 out of 10 people now use ad blockers which means they simply install ad blockers in their mobile devices and never see any ads. 

Which brings us to number 2. Brands acknowledge these trends and that’s the reason why they look for new marketing channels and get where your attention is. So where is your attention? Let’s say you’re walking in the street and you see a lot of print ads. From billboards, to bus stops, to posters. You might walk by and see those ads but you don’t consume that kind of content. It’s because we are all on our mobile phones and consuming content on social media. Nowadays, people go to social media to check out what their friends are doing and see the latest trends and happenings, and be connected.

Which brings us to the number 3 and last point wherein brands start working with KOLs or influencers. It’s because they have the attention of the audiences. Year by year, brands have increased their budget in KOL marketing because they’ve seen an 11x higher ROI in this form of marketing compared to traditional ads. Do you agree with that? Let me know in your comments below and see you on our next episode!

在這個影片,我們會談論 為什麼我們要用網紅傳銷 歡迎大家 為了瞭解KOL的價值 我們需要知道消費者的習慣和市場的變化 讓我再解釋一下

第一、消費者盡可能避免廣告 你知道在所有線上廣告裡面,平均每2000的觀看次數才會有一個人按進去 另外,每十個人就有三個人會用Ad Blockers 只要他們在手機簡單的下載了阻擋廣告的軟件 就永遠不會看到廣告

所以就帶到我們要提到的第二點 品牌明白這些趨勢所以他們一直在尋找 新的營銷方法去拿到大眾的關注 那你會關注什麼呢?比方說你在街上看到很多印刷廣告 在廣告牌、巴士站、宣傳牌上 可能你會走過然後看到這次廣告 但你不會真的比他們吸引 因為我們的注意總是在電話上 並在閱讀社交平台上的內容 在這個年代,大家都習慣去社交平台觀察朋友的動態 看看有什麼新的潮流並跟社會接軌

所以就帶到我們今天的最後一點 品牌開始和KOL或者是網紅合作 因為他們能夠拿到大眾的關注 品牌在KOL營銷的花費逐年遞增 因為他們看到這種營銷模式能夠給他們11倍的回報 對比傳統的廣告 你同意嗎? 在下面留言讓我知道吧!下次見!

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