What is an influencer (KOL)? | 什麼是KOL

With the rise of influencers, a lot are still not entirely sure who they are or what they really do. Let’s go back to memory lane and see how they evolved to being today’s effective brand ambassadors.


In this video, we are gonna describe what is an influencer (KOL)? Hey guys, today I want to describe what is an influencer because I’m so shocked by the amount of people who until today doesn’t know what is the meaning of a KOL or influencers. So, let’s start!


Let’s go back to memory lane and see the history and evolution of advertising. Back in the days, let’s say 1800s, people don’t have any means of communication so they just talk to their neighbors and trust the people they meet on the street and it’s really all about word-of-mouth, right? People trust what other people say so the people have the power. Fast forward to the rise of the internet, in the year 2000s, where it’s the digital age, businesses and brands have the power because they can publish whatever they want and say whatever they wanna say and have people believe on it. But today, with the rise of social media, the power shifts back to the people – but people on the internet They are what we call KOLs or social media influencers


To further give you an example, we can classify influencers as:


Online celebrities


Social media stars


Key opinion leaders


Content creators


Thought leaders


And social media influencers, or probably, I’ve said that already, but yeah, influencers! So they’re really people who have built a big online audience. The people who follow them are very loyal and engaged because they trust the KOLs’ opinions. They trust their voice and see their daily routine and lifestyle– they are influencers!


在這個視頻中,我們將向大家解釋 什麼是KOL 今天我想描述什麼是網紅,因為 直到今天還不知道什麼是網紅的人數 讓我感到震驚 所以,讓我們開始吧!


讓我們先回帶,看看廣告的歷史和演變。回到過去,比方說19世紀 人們沒有任何溝通的媒介 因此,他們只是與鄰居交談,並相信他們在街上遇到的人的話 這真的都是口碑有關的,對嗎?人是會相信別人說的話,才讓大家說的話有了力量 快進到互聯網的崛起,在2000年代,這是數碼時代企業和品牌擁有強大的力量,因為他們可以發布他們想要的東西 並說出他們想說的任何話,讓人們相信它 但今天,隨著社交媒體的興起 力量重新轉移給大眾 – 互聯網上的人 這些就是大家稱為KOL或者是網紅 再給你一個例子,我們可以把網紅分類為
















網紅就是一些在網絡上建立了很多關注者的人 關注他的人通常都很忠誠和投入 因為他們相信KOL的看法 他們相信KOL的聲音 然後看著他們每天的生活 這些人就是網紅!