Secret to Convert Sales with Influencer Marketing | 2019

In this video, I’ll be answering one of the most common questions I face every day: “Irish, why is it that we don’t know how to convert sales through influencer or KOL marketing?”



Hey there, welcome to VLOG # 2!  So this time, I want to answer the most common question I face every day from my customers or with other people. They always ask me, “Irish, why is it that we don’t know how to convert sales through using Influencer or KOL marketing?


And, one thing I can say is that number 1, KOL marketing is not a sales machine, so we cannot guarantee you any sales. Come to think of it, if we do Facebook advertising or Instagram Ads, none of these channels will guarantee you any sales, and it’s the same thing as KOL marketing. It’s more of a branding effect rather than a one-time sales focused campaign. So it’s more of a long-term engagement that we can run throughout months and that way we can convert sales.


But I’m not saying NO, KOL marketing will not give you any sale, but there are some other hacks and tips that I can share with you in order to boost and convert more ROI like website visits, increase in number of followers, and ultimately sales conversions


Now one of which is FLASH SALES – so we can use KOL marketing, imagine if hundred KOLs are suddenly posting in their Instagram feed “Flash Sale for one hour will be gone! 80% off!” Imagine the power of that and how much sales you can convert within that span of time! Number 2 is when we run Customized Events for KOLs- so it doesn’t have to be a very big event, it can be a private KOL event just for branding purposes and then you can let your KOLs, you know, maybe they can have a styling session or a free beauty makeover, just a group of 10 selected KOLs and then we’ll post that afterwards and that will really create a lot of buzz about your brand. Number 3, I don’t need to explain about this but we use a lot of promo codes, this is the most common way. And lastly is to Run a Contest – so KOLs can help you run a contest, so they can say something like “Win a free date or a free shopping spree with your favorite KOL by buying this product right now”. Those are just some tips and tricks and there’s a lot more in details on our ebook which we will link up above in our caption. I hope this is helpful for you and see you on our next episode.


您好嗎?歡迎來到VLOG2!這一次,我希望回答客 的常遇到的問題 他們經常問:Irish,怎麼能有效 運用KOL營銷提升銷售額?


首先,我要指出的是 KOL營銷不是一個銷售機器 這方法不能保證銷售額的提升 大家試想一下 當我們在Facebook或者是Instagram登廣告的時候,這些平台也不保證您的銷售額增長 KOL營銷也是同樣. 它會為您帶來品牌效應 而不是一次性的銷售活動 所以我們專注的是長期的效果 在使用KOL幾個月以後我們就會看到從品牌效應帶來的銷售提升


但我不是說KOL營銷完全不會給您提升營銷額 我也有一些提示給大家 可以用來提升 轉化率,例如是網站瀏覽次數 追隨者人數增加,而最終提升銷售。


現在其中一個方法是使用網絡限時優惠銷售 我們可以使用KOL營銷,想像一下,如果有一百個KOL在他們的Instagram Feed中發布「八折優惠!將在一小時後完結。」想像一下它的強大效果以及您可以在這段時間內的銷量!第二,是我們為商家度身訂製的活動 它不一定需要非常隆重的活動,它可以是一個私人KOL活動,僅用於品牌推廣 然後讓您的KOL 也許參與造型會議或免費美容服務,只是一組10個選定的KOL 然後讓他們發布帖子 已經足夠創造對你的品牌的關注 第三,相信這個我不用多加解釋,我們經常用宣傳代碼 Promo codes 這是最常見的方法。最後就是舉辦比賽,讓KOL幫你舉辦 讓他們說 立即通過購買此產品贏取跟我約會或免費瘋狂購物的機會。這些只是其中的一些提示和技巧 我們的電子書還有更多細節 鏈結可以在上面的標題中找到 希望這對大家有所幫助 下一集見!

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