From modeling, to tech, to today | Influencer Marketing 2019

See how Irish Ong’s modeling career transitions to building her own tech company in Hong Kong.



Hey there!  Welcome to Vlog #1. My name is Irish – I started my career as a model at a very young age and I was very fortunate to work with a lot of brands, and established people in the media and fashion industry.

Currently, I am in Hong Kong. I started a new tech company with a vision to bring brands closer to their customers. Now I wanted to start this Vlog to spark discussions about how brands of today are engaging or bringing themselves closer to their customers.

If you are on board with our mission, please leave your comments below by answering one simple question for me: As a marketer, a brand owner or a social media strategist, what is your number one challenge that you face every day?

Please leave your comments below and I look forward to seeing you on our next episode.

您好嗎?歡迎來到Vlog#1。我的名字是Irish – 我在很小的時候已開展我的專業模特兒職業生涯 我很榮幸有機會與很多品牌合作, 並在媒體和時尚界建立了人脈網絡。

目前,我在香港創立了一家科技公司 公司目標旨在讓品牌更貼近客戶。現在我希望藉著這個Vlog來引發討論 關於品牌如何吸引人 更貼近客戶。


請在下方留下您的意見 我期待在下一集中見到你。

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