2018’s BIGGEST Influencer Marketing FAILS

Influencer marketing may be considered a blessing, but some brands think it’s a curse. No, we’re not here to say that this type of marketing is harmful. But there are times when your efforts will fall flat.



In this video, we are gonna uncover 2018’s Biggest Influencer Marketing FAILS! In the most recent news, Snapchat paid influencer Luka Sabbat $45,000 to post 3 instagram stories and 1 post. However, Luka Sabbat posted only 1 post and didn’t finish the agreed terms. Until today, Luka Sabbat is still facing a huge lawsuit from Snapchat.

Another recent fail in the influencer marketing industry, what everyone is talking about in the fashion, advertising and marketing industry is Dolce & Gabbana’s “racist” ad. They received huge backlash from social media and pulled down the ad less than 24 hours later because they were branded as mocking the Chinese culture. The commercial was featuring a Chinese woman having a difficult time eating Italian food using chopsticks. Now, a lot of online & retail stores have pulled out Dolce & Gabbana from their stores. From Alibaba.com, JD.com, Lane Crawford and many many more. Additionally, their recent fashion show was rumored to be cancelled by the Chinese government. Ohh, BAD MOVE!

Last but not the least is the Booty campaign with Scott Disick. The brand Booty Shake engaged with reality TV star Scott Disick and emailed him the entire caption that he needs to post. And guess what Scott did? Scott Disick simply copied and paste the entire email body to his Instagram post revealing that this is a sponsored ad and all that. What do you guys think? Did any of these influencer fails happened to you? Let me know in the comments below and see you next time!

在這段影片中,我們會揭示 2018 年最失敗的網紅營銷案例!最近 Snapchat 支付了 Luka Sabbat $45,000 希望他發表三則 IG story 及一篇貼文 然而,Luka 只發表了一篇貼文 並沒有完成原先達成的協議 時至今日,Luka 仍然要面對 Snapchat 的提告.
另一個最近的案例, 就是廣受網民熱烈討論的時裝界熱聞 D&G 的歧視廣告 他們在社交媒體上受到猛烈抨擊 以至在 24 小時內就把廣告拉下架 原因是他們貶低中國文化 廣告裡有一個中國女人 用筷子進食意大利菜 現在,大量網店及零售店都已經把 D&G 的商品拿下架 包括阿里巴巴,京東,連卡佛 以及其他更多的商店 他們最近的時裝展亦傳出
被中國政府勒令取消 太慘了吧!
最後是 Booty 的宣傳 Scott Disick 有份參與的那個 Booty Shake 找來電視名人 Scott Disick 宣傳
把需要他發表的貼文內容電郵給他 你能猜到 Scott 怎麼做?

Scott Disick 直接把內容複製貼上 到 IG 貼文裡 大家都知道這篇是廣告了 大家有什麼想法嗎?
有曾經發生過這些網紅炒車事件嗎?在留言裡告訴我吧 下次見!