Ultimate Guide to Hosting an Influencer (KOL) Marketing Event

Are you planning on starting your first influencer marketing event? Want to make the most out of your KOL activation?


Hosting an influencer (KOL) event is a great opportunity to spread brand awareness among your key target audience. It also serves as an efficient way to gain social media attention and coverage. It has done a lot of goodwill for brands all over the world, and if you’re looking to start your own, you definitely landed on the right page!


If you want your very first influencer marketing event to be successful, make sure to follow the steps below:



  • RSVP: Send invites to the right KOLs


When selecting influencers, find the ones that are most relevant to your brand (aesthetic and vision-wise). Choosing the right KOLs to work with is very crucial. You can’t expect a makeup vlogger to review your latest resto dish, and so on and so forth. Basically, you need to invite the ones who reflect the personality and image of your brand. That way, you can capitalize on their engagement. It’s also important to create a large guest list in case other guests don’t attend. The easiest way to do this is by partnering with an influencer marketing platform. They have a pool of influencers you can work with, so you no longer have to manually search and contact KOLs 1-by-1.



  • Be mindful of the schedule


Yes, when inviting KOLs, you should be mindful of their schedule. You can’t just send invites out of nowhere and expect them to attend. Typically, brands should invite influencers 4 weeks prior the event. That way, they have ample time to prepare. Note: Most influencers are booked out by other brands weeks in advance.



  • Theme-work makes the dream work


So how can you stand out in the long list of invites of influencers? What’s going to make a single KOL attend your event over someone else’s? As what Forbes suggested, you should create a “wow factor” – you can do this either through your invitation or maybe on the day of the event where you can instill excitement through Instagrammable moments.

Yes, it’s important not to overlook the “theme” of the event. For beauty or fashion brands, you can be more playful with your choices – either make a princess-inspired event or something floral and girly. For restaurants and coffee shops, you may want to keep it simple by asking your KOLs to come in casual. For wine brands, a wine-tasting event will feel more legitimate if you ask your influencers to wear formal attire – this makes your brand feel regal and “premium”.



  • Capacity & supply: How many influencers can you serve at once?


(photo source: sephora)


While it’s important to create a large guest list, it’s also important to know if all of the guests will fit the venue. If you are a restaurant and you have a new dish to promote, is your place big enough to fit a 100 people? If you are a beauty brand, do you have enough supplies of lipstick giveaways? It’s all a matter of knowing if you can serve everyone that is invited, as you can’t leave anyone feeling disregarded. Nobody wants a KOL bad mouthing a brand on social media!



  • Feed them, literally & figuratively


(photo source: medium)


In any type of event, whatever type of brand you are, it is important to have food served at the venue. This is necessary as you can’t leave your KOLs hungry throughout the duration of the event.

Example: for beauty brands planning on having a product launch, you can serve chips and wine for your guests. If you are food brand (restaurant or coffee), you may want to “show-off” by serving your best or maybe come up with a menu of your latest offerings.

Additionally, the influencers must not only be full with food but also with wisdom and knowledge regarding your brand. This way, they can accurately share the right information about your new product to their followers.



  • It’s all about “branding” and building relationships


(photo source: dare asia & medium)

In the end, it’s all about branding. Whether it be giving out loot bags with your company logo on them or filling the tables with hashtags, branded items at the event are a must! It gives that sense of “familiarity” towards your brand. In addition to that, if you are a brand owner, make sure to greet ALL of the KOLs invited. Thank them and show how happy you are that they are their to support your new venture. Ignite that connection and don’t let that opportunity go to waste. After all, the event is not just about your latest product, it’s also about building long-lasting relationships with influencers.

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