Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Fashion | H&M, Off-White & Fendi

In the world of marketing, creating buzz and visibility is necessary in order to build a good reputation. Aside from that, it’s also a great opportunity to be distinctive in the mind and heart of the consumers. For fashion brands, influencer marketing is the strategy that helped them from the past year. These brands were able to strengthen their social media presence and boost their sales. Not only that, they were also able to reach more customers, something that is beneficial to all businesses wanting to be a household name in the fashion scene.

If you’re wondering how they succeeded through working with influencers, you’re definitely in for a treat as you will find the answers in this article. Check out these amazing and successful fashion case studies to inspire you to launch your own influencer marketing campaign:



Campaign: FF ‘Zucca’ monogram reinvention

Goal: To tap into the “instagram” millennial market

How: Majority of online shoppers are either buying pre-owned or new designs, so Fendi decided to reinvent their FF ‘Zucca’ monogram product to attract more customers on Instagram. By tapping online stars like the Kardashians, it is no surprise that the brand was able to connect with more consumers. Not only did the Kardashians’ “power of influence” strengthened the strategy, the “reinvention” itself also played a big role as to why there is such a resurgence.

Result: There were no statistics released, but with the million of likes from the posts on Instagram, we can assure that Fendi was able to reach their target ROI!

H&M x /Nyden

Campaign: H&M’s ecommerce platform /Nyden lets the followers choose what look they like best

Goal: To let the audience have the freedom to choose the “style” of H&M’s next collection and have them engaged in the conversation

How: H&M x /Nyden hired 10 influencers from different industries to ask their followers what designs they like for a two-week influencer marketing campaign. Instead of H&M deciding, the brand allowed their followers to decide for their latest releases. H&M x /Nyden believes in the power of the community they have so they really went for this direction.

Result: Out of the nine influencers, seven of them shared their engagement numbers with H&M x /Nyden and according to the brand, the polls received more than 35,000 votes and the total number of campaign views numbered over 425,000. Because of this, their appeal to people increased and there is also no doubt that they got good conversions. It was indeed a successful campaign!


Campaign: “The Ten” Air Jordan 1 release

Goal: To introduce a new Air Jordan shoe curated by rising designer Virgil Abloh

How: Virgil Abloh wanted to break out to the world by giving unique and unusual fashion “style”. His “influencer” strategy is far different from the others, as instead of showcasing the product to the world through a high-quality IG photo with a lengthy caption, Abloh decided to do the opposite. He tapped famous model and KOL Bella Hadid to wear the unreleased “The Ten” Air Jordan shoes and post it in a “lowkey” way on Instagram stories.

Result: The IG story generated a lot of reactions from fans– some asked for a more clearer picture and the others got curious about its release date. Bella Hadid’s IG story sparked a lot of curiosity and excitement, making it a successful KOL campaign! Virgil Abloh’s “baby” Off-White totally became one of 2018’s breakout brand.


Key takeaways:

  • Influencer marketing is looking bright for 2019. Some brands are still hesitating whether or not they’ll acquire this type of strategy, but here’s one insight for you: you wouldn’t know if a certain strategy is effective if you don’t try it.

  • For fashion brands, working with KOLs is actually a necessity in this hyper-connected world. Majority of the world’s population are on social media. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

  • In the end, it’s all about having perseverance. For brands like Fendi, H&M and Off White: they pulled everything off because they didn’t stop. They have failed many times, but they know how to stand up. That’s what fresh brands should keep in mind. Your influencer marketing campaign may fail at your first or second try, but as long as there is an opportunity to grow and start all over again, success will surely follow!