Top 3 Reasons WHY Restaurants Need Instagram Influencers (KOL)

Did you know that there are influencers driving the restaurant industry? Additionally, did you know that these people have become more influential because of Instagram a.k.a. THE FOODIE SEARCH ENGINE?

YES! Customers now go to Instagram to search for latest food recommendations instead of Google! So what does that mean for restaurants/food parks? It means it’s about time to leverage a new strategy! Watch this video to find out why restaurants need Instagram influencers!


1. Instagram is THE foodie search engine

We all know Instagram has changed the way people eat.

When a friend suggests a place to eat, I immediately search on Instagram instead of Google. Why? To investigate! See what people are saying about them, what should I order, what’s the most photographed dish.

Say I’m the friend who wants to suggest a new place to eat and I need inspirations. What do I do? Search through #hkfood #hkrestaurant. I can also do so under “People” to see top restaurant accounts or locations.

Now the question your restaurant appearing in this page at all?

We can assume that the more searchable posts you have on Instagram, the higher your chances of being seen by customers. And influencers can contribute in this aspect! In Google SEO terms…The more “backlinks” you have, the more credible you become.


2. 70% of Instagram posts don’t get seen

95 million photos are posted on Instagram everyday. Instagram’s new algorithm favors how popular your post is based on likes and comments, how relevant is the post and other factors.

Meaning, you can post 1,000 photos on your own restaurant account and still not get any attention. Guess who has a lot of attention? → influencers 


3. Make loyal customers + Tap into new customer segments

Say you’re a popular restaurant, and you get people at the door easily. How do you make them come back?

Classic behavioral science guys, the more they see your restaurant everywhere, the more they see other people enjoying your food/new menu/new event/new offering, the higher chances they will remember you in the back of their mind and result to them coming back. You need to be the Top-Of-Mind restaurant when they think about eating.

Second part of the point here is tapping into new customer segments. Sure, you’re a popular restaurant, but isn’t more reach better? There are different types of influencers whos audiences are still your target customers, not just millennials or Gen Zs! There are parent influencers, influencers who are in different fields from sports, business, tech, finance, art, fashion, entertainment..the good news is that FOOD is for EVERYONE. Everyone needs to eat, so do not limit your own possibilities.