The Rise of Instagram Moms in KOL Marketing

These insta-moms are not afraid to share the beautiful, the difficult and the exciting aspects of motherhood.


Motherhood is one of the most beautiful aspects of life, especially for women. The joy of having children is one thing, but seeing them grow along your guidance is as equally wonderful. In the modern world, motherhood is often glamorized. We often see mommy celebrities with their babies on magazine covers featured for their beautiful life. But the truth is that these features are usually fabricated to fit the standards of media and society.

Let’s be honest: motherhood can also be really exhausting. There are moments where you have to give up sleep. There are also times when you have to wake up in the middle of the night to change the diapers of your baby. There are a lot of dowdy moments that moms experience in their lives. But most people often neglect this as they think being a mother is an easy thing. It’s not, but it’s the most rewarding feeling!

Fortunately, mommy influencers are there for that needed assistance. These techy-moms have built a culture of support and encouragement for moms or soon-to-be moms! Additionally, they also influence the buying decisions of consumers. Yes! Aside from their stories, they are also good ambassadors for brands targeting mommy consumers!


Let’s take a look at some of the most loved mommy influencers on Instagram:


Maggie Skylar (@maggie_skylar)

Maggie Skylar is a Hong Kong based beauty and lifestyle insta-mom. She focuses mostly on promoting beauty brands together with her cute child. As a true advocate of beauty, Maggie shows her audience that moms can still have fun and feel good about themselves. Being a mom is not a handicap, it’s a blessing that must be shared to the world, and Maggie lives up to that statement!


Jessica See (@_jessica.see_)

Jessica See is a full-time beauty influencer. Majority of her posts are usually about beauty products from various brands. But Jessica never forgets to share her “motherhood” journey. So from time to time, she posts photos with her baby as she understands her responsibility as a public figure. Additionally, Jessica also helps FMCG brands promote their “baby” products. She influences women by recommending the products she think would be helpful for them.


Charlene Chew (@missuschewy)

Charline Chew is a hands-on mom. She doesn’t just promote products on her Instagram, she also shares some happenings about her marriage life. Her marriage life is what makes her a strong mother. It’s her way of empowering all her mommy followers. If she can empower them, then that is good enough for her – it means she’s using her platform right. It’s definitely a double-whammy: she’s helping promote products from brands and she’s also empowering moms to be the best version of themselves!


Sari Bainbridge (@nononmrsb)

What sets Sari apart from other mommy influencers is the fact that she’s not afraid to show her pregnancy journey. From the time that she found out she’s pregnant, she has been vocal about it. She understands that a lot of women out there are also going through the same thing. So by sharing the products she’s using during the “pregnancy” period, she will be able to help a lot of preggies!


Angeline Jill (@angelinejill)

Last but definitely not the least is Angeline Jill. Angeline is a good insta-mom as she understands what her audience wants. More baby pics? No problem! Angeline is there to give you what you want. Having her baby wear clothing products will surely generate interest from the audience, and could potentially drive sales for the brand. Additionally, she knows how to market herself on Instagram as she produces high-quality pictures that will surely entice a lot of mommy consumers!



The importance of mothers for brands cannot be underestimated. Aside from them being good ambassadors, they are also good storytellers. They can easily make other moms enter their world as they are relatable and credible enough. Insta-moms aren’t just sources of entertainment and motherhood advice, they are also indicators of the demands and needs of the most powerful person in the family.

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