AlphaConcepts @ Startmeup HK Festival [PART 1]

Startmeup HK Festival is an annual event that aims to to celebrate the best of tech innovation, in the world’s most exciting city – Hong Kong!

This week long festival is a unique platform for startups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, students and academics to exchange ideas, make connections and chart a course for the future.

This year’s festival theme is BREAK IT MAKE IT. In a very busy and crowded industry, how does one BREAK free from all the hurdles to MAKE IT big? Let me ask you: what does BREAK IT MAKE IT mean to you? Find the question a bit tricky? Well, that’s actually the point.


As you can see, BREAK IT MAKE IT could have a lot of interpretations. And that’s exactly what Irish OngAlphaConcepts CEO & Co-founder, wants to know. To BREAK the ice in a way, she asks some of the best people in tech, marketing, business & entrepreneurship about their interpretation of the theme. Watch the PART 1 of our Startmeup HK Festival coverage to find out:

PART 2 will be released in a few days!


Event highlights

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