10 Spa (Salon) Marketing Ideas in 1 Minute!

📣 Attract Customers in HK 2019 – New Actionable Tips‼️

In this video, we’ll show you the top 10 actionable tips that you should follow to level up your spa (or salon) business! It’s time to get your target customers in!

  1. Selfie station

Set up a fun station with a hashtag, and get FREE MARKETING and WOM from your own customers.

Pro-tip: Option to offer discount to those who post their photos on social media!

  1. Experiment

Create unique experiences to put your brand on the local scene. Do a “Brunch + Mani-Pedi Saturdays” OR “Happy Hour + Foot Massage Fridays!” Just be playful and don’t be afraid to take risks. It all starts with taking risks!    

  1. Be viral   

Create something that stands out. If you’re a salon, invent a new hairstyle! If you’re a spa, think of other creative ways on how you can encourage more customer to come in. Tip: free iced tea after the massage!

  1. Community involvement

Join local activities. If there’s a marathon, offer the people who finishes the run a huge discount! It’s all about having building your community and network.

  1. Be SEO competitive

When people search for “spa in hk” or “hk salon”, you want to appear first right? This is SEO!

  1. Blog

In blogging, focus on helping customers solve their problems, not pushing your services! Plus, this helps you rank higher on search engines, especially if done right!

  1. Embrace video

Try to make videos to entice your customers. Some examples are: Spa tour, introducing your team, how to do a hairstyle, etc. So start documenting now! Don’t forget to SHARE it to your audience!

  1. Host a workshop

Today’s consumers are learners. Educate them about a hot topic/trend. If you’re a spa, teach them simple massage ways. If you’re a salon, teach your customers some “haircut” tricks!

  1. Be visible EVERYWHERE

Not just social media but ALL online listings you can possibly be listed at! 

  1. Scheduling software

Have real time calendar on your site so customers can see available time slots, sending reminders, confirmation, thank you messages, and occasional promos.