Secret to Spotify Marketing in Hong Kong

Secret to Spotify Marketing in Hong Kong

Uncover the “secret” behind using Spotify as a marketing channel!


Many of us know Spotify as an amazing avenue for listening to new music releases. Throughout its years of high-quality streaming services, it has built a wonderful reputation. In fact, up until this day, Spotify is still the most talked about music channel in the world. But here’s what majority of people don’t know: Spotify is a great platform for marketing your brand! Yes, throughout the years, the range of marketing opportunities for brands has widened dramatically. Many asian countries like Hong Kong have acquired it for business growth.

Now the questions is: How did Spotify help local brands in Hong Kong reach a momentous business success? What can brands learn from them? Read on!



Secret to Spotify Marketing in Hong Kong

We’re all not strangers to using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube as marketing channels. In fact, most of us have become successful in our businesses because of the reach of these channels. But let’s break it to you: these channels may be strong, but that doesn’t mean that you will ignore the wonderful benefits that platforms like Spotify has to offer. Before we dive into the “secret” to Spotify marketing in Hong Kong, let’s first discuss some of the ways on how brands use Spotify:

  • Social Playlists – Let’s start by saying creating a playlist on Spotify won’t cost you a dime. Yes! For brands looking to expand their reach, Spotify is a great tool to reach potential customers. As you see, it’s a great way to reach a sizable audience by incorporating your brand with the artists and their music. So this is definitely a good idea and marketers should give it a go!

  • Banner ads – Alright. We know what you’re thinking: “consumers don’t like banner ads anymore” and “consumers find banner ads annoying”. Well, it may be true, but not when you’re using Spotify. The music platform has that way of showing the banner ads in the most classy and sophisticated way. It seems as if it’s totally one with Spotify – something that consumers want. Marketing through Spotify will surely make your brand acquire more customers.

  • Spotify Sessions – ‘Spotify sessions’ is actually a live “tiny” concert where fans get the opportunity to watch their favorite artist perform. While this works perfectly for big stars, it can also be a good way to promote a new artist. For marketers who handles new breed of superstars (artists/singers), doing a Spotify session is definitely the way to go.

As you can see, Spotify is a creative tool to use as it’s not limited to just posting an ad. Music plays a big role as it unites customers and your brand. Now, the fun part: what is really the “secret” to using Spotify as a marketing channel in Hong Kong?



Spotify’s launch in Hong Kong five years ago was a success as thousands of people raved about it. Finally, an online music database where users can personalised their music-listening is now available in Hong Kong. Fun fact: aside from the “music listening” side of the platform, marketers in Hong Kong also found a way to promote their brand through it. Take a look at these examples:


  • Spotify x Pixels

Secret to Spotify Marketing in Hong Kong

Pixels, an ad sales firm in Hong Kong, used Spotify to increase more partnerships with brands. Their approach is basically just simple: release a music catalog for free with advertising in between tracks. That way, Spotify users who are not using premium can listen to the ad of Pixels, making them have that sense of “recallability” for their ads to reach more people who may potentially be Pixel’s future advertising partners.


  • Spotify x FWD

Secret to Spotify Marketing in Hong Kong

FWD is the first corporate and insurance company who used Spotify as a marketing channel. The goal? To increase more insurance memberships and to also promote their brand presence through the use of Spotify. The result? It was a success. By leveraging Spotify to reach millions of people in Hong Kong, pretty sure FWD gained more insurance sign-ups!


  • Spotify x Nike x Adidas

Secret to Spotify Marketing in Hong Kong

Nike and Adidas in Hong Kong are pure geniuses. These brands may be considered one of the biggest competitors, but they managed to think alike. When Nike and Adidas wanted to promote their latest shoe releases, they partnered with Spotify. Through the use of visual and audio ads, Nike and Adidas was able to increase their presence not just in Hong Kong but also around the world.



So what is really the “secret” to Spotify marketing in Hong Kong? It’s all about taking risks. These brands pushed themselves to their limits in order to bring out the best in them using a known platform like Spotify. And that’s what other brands must remember!

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