What Is “Mukbang” And How Can It Help Restaurants Get More Attention?

We are in an age where the world of marketing is evolving drastically. If there is one thing that businesses should do right now, it is to follow and go along with the trends. Currently, there is one phenomenon that is slowly taking over the internet—this is something that food businesses should keep an eye out.

Have you heard of “mukbang”? If you haven’t, well, you’re in for a treat! “Mukbang” is a live or recorded online visual broadcast in which the person eats large amounts of food while interacting with the audience. This online craze originated from South Korea, and has been adapted by food ambassadors from different parts of Asia.

Long story short, it became an effective marketing strategy that helped restaurants promote their food, as they have seen an immense support and traction from audiences.


Need a visual representation? See some examples below:


  • Stephanie Soo

    Stephanie makes “mukbang” videos for a living that’s why she’s very dedicated in bringing her best in every content she releases. Check out one of her most viewed videos:


  • Yuka Kinoshita

    This Japanese vlogger dabbles on different types of videos. One of her top videos is her Starbucks “mukbang” vlog which currently has over 1 million views!


  • Peggie Neo

    One online personality named Peggie Neo is making waves through her food YouTube channel. See her fun McDonald’s “mukbang” video here:


Although the “mukbang” fever hasn’t fully penetrated Hong Kong yet, we’re pretty sure that in a few months time, it’s going to be a major thing! For food business owners and restaurateurs, it’s time to bring this craze to HK social media. Create your own “mukbang” content and publish on your account to reach a widespread awareness and attention!