Marketing strategy of Samsung: How to sell millions of phones

In the 9 months since its initial release in March 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9 series has earned a lot of praise from its customers. There’s no doubt about it, as Samsung always makes sure to bring out the best in their products. Their new smartphone series can be easily compared to its predecessors; the Samsung S7 and Samsung S8. But what makes it different from them is that it offers world-class technology through its reinvented camera, AR emoji, live translation, infinity display, and many more.

According to a report by The Bell, Galaxy S9 series sold 10.2 million units just in Q1 of 2018 alone. In Q2 2018, they sold about 9 million Galaxy unit, making it 19.2 million units in total for this year.

Despite the tough competition with Apple and other brands, Samsung managed to get through the year. So how does Samsung market their products? How do they make it possible to sell millions of phones in just a short span of time? Continue reading to find out:



  • Branding an android phone in an Apple-dominated world


Throughout the years, Apple fans have mocked android users—most of them said that it’s cheap and impractical to own one. With the backlash android makers got from people, they decided to make a smartphone that is fast, hi-tech and more complex than before.

Samsung is one of the many companies who started this “reinvention”. With their Galaxy smartphones, they managed to break the glass ceiling. Right now, android smartphones are seen as “high-end” and comparable to Apple smartphones—that is because of Samsung’s creativity: they brand their smartphones as if it’s a necessity everyone should own.



  • Out of the box marketing strategy


Have you seen that commercial who threw major shade at Apple? If you haven’t yet, well, it’s actually an ad from Samsung which came out earlier this year.


You may ask: isn’t it a bad move for Samsung to mock one of the leading tech companies in the world? Well, for some reason, this type of marketing worked for them. It may seem like they’re throwing Apple under the bus, but it’s more of like sending a “what doesn’t work for Apple works for Samsung” message. If you will watch and analyse the commercial again, you will see how Samsung tried to showcase their strengths by showing Apple’s major con: the “lag” that majority of iPhone users experience.

Samsung knows how to take risks, and their risk was definitely worth it. Currently, the video has over 17 million views and countinga good sign that the ad was a success!



  • The use of social media ambassadors


Another type of marketing that Samsung have mastered is KOL marketing, commonly known as influencer marketing. The use of social media influencers have flourished over the past few years, and the tech giant didn’t let this opportunity pass.

Samsung’s 2018 KOL marketing efforts were nothing but amazing as they didn’t only get to work with different types of people, they also reached a wide audience—something that most brands don’t usually experience in using traditional tactics.

One of the most successful KOL campaigns that Samsung did this year is the #somosSMARTgirl campaign. The goal of the campaign is to promote Samsung’s new products including the Galaxy S9 series by empowering women through creative and attractive images. They handpicked female influencers from Spain and chosen only 11 of them to post their personal inspiring stories using their Galaxy phone. Each post has a unique way of sending out the message to their target audience.

The published posts received a total of 2.1 million interactions, 22.3 million reach and a 9.57% engagement rate. The brand was able to create a message that women are empowered while highlighting the product.



Judging by Samsung’s way of marketing their products, we can say that their purpose is more than getting the sales. Sure, it’s one of their goals, but they also aim to stay relevant by bringing out amazing and unorthodox campaigns. Samsung knows how to keep up with the latest trends that’s why they still remain to be one of the most trusted brands in the world.