How to Market A Coffee Shop on A Budget

Majority of coffee shop owners find it hard to market their business today due to the following reasons: lack of budget, resources and ideas. Despite the advancement in technology, some small coffee shops still struggle with marketing and where to allocate their budget.

Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives that will still give you enough traction. Here are ways to market your coffee shop on a budget:



  • The Latte Art Effect


There are many ways to present your coffee business on social media: you can either take advantage of the “mukbang” craze, capture high quality photos of your coffee products or even just take selfies inside your coffee store.

Currently, one of the most effective ways to make a mark on social media is by posting latte art of your coffee. Latte art makes coffee even more exciting. Customers love it when businesses put twist to their offerings, so this is a great strategy to utilize. Check out some of Hong Kong’s coffee shops that are already doing it:







  • Support A Cause (and be consistent!)


In reality, most businesses only support certain causes when it’s convenient for them. This June, several companies added touches of rainbows in their products in support of PRIDE month. This is not a bad thing at all. If there is one thing that marketers should not forget, it is to always stay on trend. But remember, social issues aren’t just trends. They are with us for the rest of our lives because for as long as people are being oppressed and experiencing injustices, people will continue to fight for their rights.

If you’re a coffee shop or any beverage or food business, you should not just show your support, you should also show that you care. So how can you maximize your efforts? If you care for LGBTQ+, don’t just show your support during PRIDE month. In times where they experience discrimination in public, it is your responsibility to make them feel that your business/shop is a safe space.

If you are in support of taking care of our environment, don’t just post signages like “think green” or “no to plastic waste!”. We’re not invalidating these efforts, but there is more to caring for the world than just posting signs. You should turn all of these into action.

Recently, Starbucks stepped up their initiative by not just advocating for sustainability but also turning all their plans into action by rolling out reusable cups to Asia. These reusable cups will help conserve plastic use and encourage customers to be responsible.

Small coffee shops should take inspiration from this huge step as it will truly help the world in the long run. Tip: for a more budget-friendly take on this, go for paper cups!

Again, the main point of all of this is to be consistent with your advocacy. It’s not just a short-term deal, it’s a commitment.



  • Exclusive KOL Drink


Earlier this year, Starbucks introduced their Ariana Grande frappuccino drink called “Cloud Macchiato”. It is the company’s exclusive collaboration with the popstar herself. This partnership had Grande’s fans excited and made them support the new offering.

This is also something that small coffee shops can do. But instead of teaming up with a huge celebrity, you may choose to work with coffee influencers within your area or location. They can create their own drink and promote them on their social media accounts to engage their fans to buy at your store.


  • Coffee Workshops

Coffee workshops will help customers have a glimpse of the coffee world. May it be from simply finding the perfect balance of bitter and sweet coffee taste, or the history behind every type of coffee that is sourced from different parts of the worldyour customers will surely enjoy! You can either have your baristas as the speakers, or if you have the means of inviting influential people, then you’ll be able to attract a lot of people to attend!



Just like coffee, you need to find the right taste and recipe that would bring out the best in your business. If any of the tips above are done right, it is guaranteed that you will get a lot of customers supporting your coffee shop!