The Dos & Don’ts of Influencer (KOL) Marketing

In this video, we are gonna tell you the top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing!


#1: Don’t be blinded by numbers such as looking into number of followers, number of likes and engagement rate. But, do look for if the influencer has the right content and audience that fits your brand.

#2: Don’t assume you own the KOL. It doesn’t mean that you’re paying them that you can control everything about them. Don’t practice full control over their content and asking way too much requests. But, form a good relationship, create win-win situations, and remember, you need them!

#3: Expecting instant results. One campaign doesn’t give you quick, overnight success. But, do improve and be consistent. In any form of marketing, the consumers need to know hat your brand exists first.

One final and last tip is that trial and error is key. One failed campaign doesn’t mean that influencer marketing doesn’t work. It’s just that you haven’t found the right version of making it work for you. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below and see you next time!

在這段影片中,我們會告訴你 網紅營銷三項必做和不可做的事

第一項:切勿盲目相信數字 例如追蹤人數,讚好人數以及參與程度等等 更重要的是要看看網紅所造的內容 以及受眾是否適合你的品牌 第二項:切忌認為你是網紅的主人

雖然你是出錢的那個人但不代表你有權控制網紅的所有行為 千萬不要限制網紅發表的創意內容 以及要求他們做這做那反之,應該嘗試與網紅建立良好關係 締造雙贏效果 緊記,你的品牌需要他們幫助!

第三項:切忌期望要有即時效果一次宣傳往往不會給你即時的爆紅效果 你需要持續改進並且前後一致的宣傳 無論任何型式的宣傳,你的顧客都需要先知道 你的品牌

最後一個貼士 不斷嘗試是重點一次失敗的宣傳並不表示網紅營銷不行 只代表你未找到適合的方法 使它奏效

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