KOL marketing: 5 actionable ways to produce user-generated content

KOL marketing: 5 actionable ways to produce UGC


We all know that KOL Marketing can boost a lot of benefits and rewards for brands. The creativity and authenticity of KOLs are undeniable, but did you know that their influence can also produce user generated content (UGC)? First things first: what is UGC? UGC is content created by users outside your brand. In KOL Marketing, they are the followers of the KOLs you work with.

ADVANTAGE: You have the assurance that the content they produce and share with their followers will reach a sizable audience. That reach may lead to their followers sharing/creating their own content for your brand.


Here are the 5 Actionable Ways To Produce UGC


Choose The Proper Social Network

It’s extremely important to know where you’ll launch your KOL Marketing campaign. If you are aiming to reach the older gen, choose Facebook. But if you’re looking for a wide range of audience to reach, choose Instagram. (Majority of KOLs are using Instagram nowadays!)

Instagram is one of the best channels to use today. From likes to comments to stories and many more, your brand will surely benefit from this platform.

Choosing the proper social media channel is as important as the next step.


Choose The Right Influencers

How can you actually tell if the influencer is right for your brand? Simple: do they have the same niche as your brand? If yes, that’s a good indication that you should start working together. If you want to get a more in-depth background regarding your target influencers, work with an Influencer Marketing marketplace. They have a pool of influencers where you can see their stats and engagement.



Set Specific UGC Goals

A lot of brands have put in a lot of work in KOL Marketing and UGC, but not everyone has a specific strategy in mind. The result? Underwhelming results! If you want to succeed in this, make sure you set your goals. Here are some common goals marketers set in place:


(1) Increased Conversion Rates

(2) Higher Brand Engagement

(3) Build Brand Equity

(4) Save Time on Content Creation


Talk To Your Audience Through Your KOLs

KOLs are influential and their followers listen to them. The easiest way to produce UGC is through a contest or giveaway. Have your KOLs ask their followers to repost about the contest/giveaway to excite more people. Just make sure that the message is clear and aligns well with your brand identity.



Focus on Building Community

It’s important to have only one brand voice. You have to put emphasis on community building through your KOLs. Make sure that the way they communicate with their followers is the same as you. But don’t try to change your KOLs as they also have a voice – so make sure to meet halfway.



Through the help of KOLs, UGC can humanize your brand. UGC brings the chance to connect with new people through conversation. And if done right, you’ll drive users to the marketing funnel.

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