Huawei redefines the selfie game through KOL Marketing

Huawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL Marketing

Through the help of KOLs, Huawei’s goal to redefine smartphone photography was a success.


Smartphones have given us all freedom to do what we want. May it be from playing online games to posting selfies on social media – they have truly become a medium of expression in this generation. Everyone’s favorite thing to do is to take and post a selfie. With the thousands of selfies being uploaded every single day, how can you ensure that yours will stand out?

Huawei, with all their resources, managed to answer that question. Just this year, the Chinese multinational telecommunications company launched its latest offering: the Huawei P20 Series. The Chinese brand knows that consumers are in love with taking photos to collect memories, that’s why they gave all their efforts to provide the best android phone in the market.


More Than Just A Typical Smartphone

Huawei P20 Series offers nothing but impeccable features and world-class technology. With its high-definition LCD display and 12 MP camera, it proves that it’s more than just a typical smartphone. What sets it apart from the others? It’s DSLR-like photo quality.

Huawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL Marketing

But apart from the selfie cam, it also has good mega-chip that allows every user to enjoy playing games – it’s truly a high-class android smartphone! In just a short period of time, Huawei successfully sold thousands of units across Asia. But how?


The Use Of KOL Marketing

When Huawei launched their P20 Series, they worked with asian  influencers of different tiers including: DJ Q Taymee, Bb. Pilipinas – Universe Catriona Gray, Actress Chermarn Boonyasak, KOL Myung Hun and many more. The campaign was simple: the KOLs were asked to post either a selfie or a photo of themselves holding the new Huawei P20 Series with the hashtags #HuaweiP20Series and #HuaweiP20Pro. And voila! – the campaign generated over 300k posts and gained millions of likes combined.

Huawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL Marketing Huawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL MarketingHuawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL MarketingHuawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL Marketing
We all know how influential KOLs are. Their bond and relationship with their followers is unquestionable that’s why they are trusted by brands. The good thing about promoting a smartphone is that it’s not locked or limited to a single niche.

Basically, a smartphone can easily fit in to any type of influencer – and Huawei took advantage of that and eventually succeeded!


Technology and KOL Marketing: Is It Worth It?

Again, it’s all about testing the waters. You can never tell if something is right for your brand if you don’t try it. But throughout the years, tech companies that sells phones, TV, and other electronic gadgets have proven how beneficial KOLs are for their brand. Consumers listen to influencers, and that’s what brands should keep in mind.

Huawei Redefines The Selfie Game Through KOL Marketing

Huawei is a company that has been around for many many years. But it is only when they started working with influencers that they became more established and credible enough to be trusted by consumers. We can say that Huawei became a more household telecommunications company in Asia when they started working with KOLs – and it looks like their relationship will continue on in the future!

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