How To Make Customers Post About Your Restaurant Online


Marketing your restaurant should not just be limited to your team. It should also extend to the people that can help run your business: the customers. Yes, it’s very crucial now to have your customers post about your business online. It doesn’t only increase the chances of getting more customers, it also attests to the fact that your strategies are definitely working.

Check out the tips below to know how you can make your customers recommend you on their social media accounts:



  • Have in-store gimmicks


Throwing mini-parties or small gigs at your restaurant is a good idea to engage customers. For example, if you are a coffee shop, you may try to invite an artist to do live-art, or acoustic singers to entertain the customers. You can even tie-up with rising authors and sell books for everyone.



  • Have an instagrammable restaurant (but not too over the top)


In our previous restaurant vlog, we stressed the importance of having an instagrammable restaurant. May it be through lighting, hanging plants, murals and the like, it’s really crucial for food businesses to bring some flavor in their stores. But the seasons are changing, and the way customers see restaurants are changing too.

Having an instagrammable restaurant doesn’t have to be too grand and expensive. The main point is: if it’s not necessary to post paintings on the wall of your restaurant, you don’t have to do it. Again, it’s okay to be playful but it doesn’t have to be exaggerated. Don’t let the look of your restaurant overpower the taste of your food.



  • Add signages in your store


One of the most efficient ways to engage your customers is by posting or hanging signages in your store. For restaurants, you may display a signage (with your brand hashtag and social media accounts) near the cashier, on the customer tables or near a selfie station.



  • Take photos of your customers (with consent)


Another tactic that restaurants can leverage is by taking photos of your customers. You can politely ask them if they’d be willing to post for a photo. If they say yes, then you may start capturing them. The main goal is to create a fun and engaging restaurant environment. Afterwards, start posting the photos on social media.

The more customer photos you take and post, the higher the chances that they will share your posts and recommend your restaurant to their family and friends.



  • Create a contest to engage your customers


One type of contest that your restaurant can start is the selfie contest. Basically, you will ask your customers on social media to take a photo of themselves in or out of your restaurant, post them on their personal accounts, and they would get 10-20% discount in return.



Having your restaurant be posted by customers online is one of the most cost-effective ways to market a business. Your next move? Get everything you’ve learned here, and take action!