How to get your consumers’ attention in a 2018 environment

How To Get Your Consumers’ Attention In A 2018 EnvironmentEvery information can be found anywhere online—that means other businesses are also ramping up their game to make consumers rave about them.


While this is a good thing for marketers, it also has its downsides. Why? Because the more available information there is, the more expensive attention becomes. Marketing is truly evolving with time and it is imperative to know how to stand out from the rest. That being said, how can brands get the attention of consumers in a 2018 environment?

That question leads us to another question: Do you know where is the current attention of your consumers?


Attention matters now more than ever

How to get your consumers’ attention in a 2018 environment

According to studies, an average consumer is exposed to almost 10,000 ads per day which makes it harder for messages to cut through the noise. The internet forgets quickly and so are the consumers. We marketers should know how to adjust to behavioural patterns of consumers. Social media is where everyone’s focus is, mobile phones become people’s confidants, and information flow today has never been faster.  

Attention matters now more than ever, and we should be smart in capturing it.


Know your target consumers

How to get your consumers’ attention in a 2018 environment

Who are your target customers? What are their demographics? What are their demands in this age and time? Different target groups require different touch points and engagements. They have different intentions when they are in YouTube or when scrolling their Instagram accounts.

For example, a 28 year old male who scrolls through LinkedIn might be looking for industry insights, while when he opens Instagram he might be looking for inspiration on men’s fashion, and Facebook to get updates on personal network. Knowing this, we as marketers will know what kind of content should be shown on different channels.



Know your identity as a brand

How to get your consumers’ attention in a 2018 environment

Who are you as a brand? What are your values? What makes you special among the other brands out there? Knowing your brand identity helps you curate quality contents that add value to your consumers lives. Today’s consumers are more meticulous and hard to please. They don’t just buy out of nowhere, they give themselves ample time to research not just about the products but also about the brand. It’s important to build your identity in social media and be relatable so that consumers will get to know your brand better.


Getting meaningful content out

How to get your consumers’ attention in a 2018 environment

Your ‘digital DNA’ matters. If your brand is not easily found in any internet searches (Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat, Weibo, etc), then you must re-think your brand’s health.

It’s one thing to be found when your consumers are searching for you, but the things they see (content) is equally important. How do we get consumers to pay attention to your content? Easy. Communicate on a personal, relatable manner that doesn’t seem like they’re interacting with robotic ads. The photos you post, the videos you make, and articles you publish must all feel authentic and genuine.


ConclusionHow to get your consumers’ attention in a 2018 environment

As what Gary Vaynerchuk says: “The currency of business is attention.”

Your brand should not only stand out but also make an impact. There are a good number of marketing strategies out there. One in particular is Influencer Marketing. Assigning online influencers (KOL) to talk about your product by generating engaging content could help increase ROI. It’s not going to be an easy process and you cannot expect immediate positive results. But with hard work, everything will materialize.

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