How to Find Instagram Influencers (AT NO COST!)

Instagram is filled with so many promising KOLs to work with. But most of the time, their prices are high and some of them are not really influential. The good news is that there are also effective KOLs out there—and if you’re a brand looking to work with them, you better watch this video for the tips that you’ll surely need to be able to find them!


Let’s establish 2 key points first: #1: You already know what you’re trying to reach, who you’re trying to reach and #2: You are looking for a DIY way. If you have a budget, better look for agencies or platforms out there.

#1: Hashtags. —start with hashtags that are related to your brand then scroll through the people Instagram recommends on this page. Try to follow them, like their posts, this way, Instagram will know you’re interested in these type of profiles, hence, they will suggest and recommend similar profiles to you explore page later.

#2: Look at Your Followers —are any of them fit into what you’re looking for? If yes, then they’re the perfect ambassadors as they already have a connection with you.

#3 is Look at Your Competitor’s Followers —and do the same thing.

#4: Look in Who’s Tagging Your Competitors —people who are already tagging them are people who are already promoting them. See if you’d like to engage with these accounts. If not, you still need to follow them and like their posts so that Instagram knows that you’re interested in these type of profiles and suggest similar accounts to you.

Last but not the least, Google It! Simply search ‘Instagram Influencers’ and then your ‘industry’ so that you can see a lot of results that Google recommends and see other results from other articles. So, try these now guys and let me know the results. Look forward to see you next time.



先說兩個重點 第 1 點你應該要知道 你希望觸及的族群 你希望觸及的人

以及第 2 點,你希望找到一個自己的方法 如果你有充足的預算 或者找中介 或中介平台會是更好的選擇


#1: 標籤 從標籤開始 找到跟你的品牌有關的標籤 然後看看 IG 推薦的 那些有用這些標籤的人 追蹤他們 讚好他們的貼文 這樣 IG 就會知道 你對這類人有興趣 繼而會推薦更多 相類似的人給你


#2: 看看你的追蹤者 目前有沒有哪些追蹤者 是適合幫忙推廣的人? 有的話,他們就是最完美的幫手 因為他們已經展現出對你的興趣


#3: 看看你對手的追蹤者 並且做同上的事情


#4: 看看誰 tag 了你的對手 已經 tag 了你對手的人 就是那些在推廣他們的人 你可以考慮一下找這些人幫忙 即使不想找他們幫忙,也需要追蹤他們 並讚好他們的貼文 這樣 IG 才會知道 你對這類人有興趣 並推薦類似的人給你


最後,用 Google!只需搜尋 IG 網紅 再加上你所屬的行業 然後你就可以看到 Google 推薦的大量結果 並看到其他網頁內的結果 先試試吧 並告訴我成效如何 期待下次再見