How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Marketing Team | 2019

Having a strong social media presence is crucial today. Social media doesn’t just give brands an opportunity to reach their audience; it also offers a marketing avenue to keep the business up to date on current trends. To achieve a social media success, it’s important to consider hiring the right people for your company. After all, they are the ones (including you) who will be accountable for all the marketing initiatives online. In a fast-paced environment, it’s only imperative to build a dynamic and goal-oriented team that knows how to keep up with time and tech advancements.

Looking to hire social media marketers for your company? Here are some tips to help you choose the right candidates:


1. Potential and cultural fit over technical skills

This 2019, brand owners are expected to give high importance for the potential of a candidate over technical skills and experience. Don’t get us wrong though; it’s one thing to be skilled and knowledgeable about the job, but overconfidence and stagnancy isn’t going to help run a  business. In building a marketing team, it is necessary to hire those who are willing to adapt and learn, those who are not afraid to take risks and try out new things. According to Forbes, almost nine in 10 leaders (87%) had found that in practice, the most successful hires happened when they evaluated cultural fit – including congruent values, beliefs and outlook – as well as potential, during the hiring process.


2. It’s not just about being social media savvy

Almost everyone now is social media savvy, so if a candidate is TOO PROUD about being one, that’s probably a red flag! Hello? It’s 2019! And it is expected that majority of those wanting to get into the marketing industry are knowledgeable about social media. So yes, it’s not just about being social media savvy. You need to get people who are cultured and aware about the happenings in and out of the internet!


3. Roles are very important. Adjust if you must.

Let’s say Elsa, 22, a sales graduate, is applying for the social media manager position for your company. Everything about her is perfect; she’s warm, outspoken and has good interpersonal skills. BUT for some reason, she lacks in the “marketing” or “content creation” department. You realized that she’s not really the right fit for the social media manager position.

For other companies, they would probably just let her go. How about you? Will you let her go too? Here’s a piece of advice, there are two things that you can do (depending on the culture/type of company that you have):

(a)  Hire her for the position – she may not be the perfect fit for the role, but with her determination, she’s probably a chameleon.

(b) Open a sales position – this may not work for brands who already has someone working in their sales department, but for fresh brands who are looking for a Community Manager or Business Development Manager, Elsa might be the one you’re looking for.

A lot of people find the process of hiring very tiring and hard, but at the end of the day, it’s all about being open-minded and giving candidates an opportunity to prove themselves in the field that they want to be in.


4. FLEXIBILITY MATTERS. We can’t stress this enough!

Okay, let’s face it. There are employees that are not willing to take on other tasks because they feel like it’s not their job to do it. Some feel like they’re being taken advantage; but sorry NOT sorry, in the world of social media, FLEXIBILITY MATTERS.

Yes, and we can’t stress this enough! Why so? One of the reasons is the fact that there needs to be someone who will take the job in case another employee takes a sick leave or vacation. And even if they don’t take a leave, there are times when an employee’s workload is too much to handle, and that someone has to take over. The work in social media marketing will be easy if everyone is willing to throw out their ideas, help each other in times of need, and willing to go through their limits to meet the deadline.


5. Knows the audience very well

Knowing your audience is an important aspect in any type of marketing. Your audience is what makes your brand relevant and alive, and they are the key people who can introduce you to a new circle. As per Entrepreneur, someone who should land a job in the social media department is someone who knows how to create epic content that will attract the audience. And only those who gave effort to know their audience are those who can create them. So yes, when hiring someone for your team, you have to make sure that the person is well informed about the audience you cater to!



Again, having a strong social media presence is necessary today. The competition is tight online, so you need to build a team with people who are not just skilled but also adaptable to change and unexpected circumstances. In addition to that, they should also be passionate with what they’re doing. The world of social media can be unpredictable, so it’s best to build a department that both is dynamic and bold!