How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

P&G continues to reign in the FMCG. Curious to know how they converted sales for Head & Shoulders, Gillette and Vicks VapoRub through KOL Marketing? Find out here!


There has been an endless debate as to whether KOL marketing is effective or not. For P&G, they’ve proven that it’s one of the greatest addition to their marketing strategy. As an FMCG brand, it’s important to always please your customers, that’s why it’s necessary to try a new tactic like KOL Marketing.

KOL Marketing is often used as a way to bring brand awareness and follower growth. With the help of social media influencers, the visibility and reach of a brand will definitely be exceptional. For P&G, the case is a bit different. Just like with other brands, their main goal from the start is to increase sales and revenue. P&G’s marketers are data-driven. They focus on the right marketing metrics and reports that can help them refine and elevate their campaigns. Additionally, they clearly reviewed the whole consumer behavior that’s why it’s easy for them to trigger the emotions of their customers.

Thinking of starting your own ROI-Focused KOL Marketing campaign? Get inspired by P&G’s KOL Marketing initiatives that converted to sales:


  • Group-Centered Activities

With a final count of 1,111 uploads from the campaign, P&G’s Head & Shoulders broke the record for most number of Instagram uploads in four hours using the hashtag #SGLargestGroufie. Yes, the anti-dandruff shampoo brand together with Spotify-powered The Music Run started a movement of confidence and closeness through group-centered activities. For Head & Shoulders #groufie campaign, runners and micro-influencers were asked to show their confidence and put their heads together for the #SGLargestGroufie challenge. From around 3PM-8PM, 9,000 runners snapped photos with their colleagues and immediately posted the #groufie on Instagram.

How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

The result? Singtel users were not able to access Instagram for long hours due to high-traffic caused by the #SGLargestGroufie challenge. Few days after, the demand for the anti-dandruff shampoo rose because of the effect of the campaign. According to the brand’s PR agency DeVries, the ROI exceeded their expectations. But what made it successful? What can we learn from it? As you can see, P&G already had a goal in mind: to make their campaign go viral. In the modern age, virality could either make or break a brand. But since they were effective in their message to unite people through a group-centered approach, everything fell into the right place. Of course, with the help of KOLs!


  • Experimenting With Multiple Mediums

Did you know that by using multiple platforms, you are expanding your range and target a wider scope of your audience? Yes, according to a study by Forbes, 93% of marketers use multiple social media channels to reach their customers and leads. And P&G’s Gillette didn’t think twice about leveraging that idea. When they launched their Gillette Venus Razor for legs, Gillette hired several female beauty influencers to promote the product using the hashtag #choosetosmooth.

How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

These female influencers have already made a mark in social media, and working with them is a good decision for Gillette as they could help reach and convince a variety of consumers. Aside from Instagram, they also used Facebook, Pinterest and even made long-form videos on Youtube reviewing the Gillette Venus Razor. The campaign had a brilliant outcome: it reached more than 476,000 people online. Can you imagine? Because of that, the sales for the product doubled! Gillette, a known masculine brand was able to reach the hearts of women, transforming it into a unisex brand!


  • Marketing To Moms

One of the biggest consumers in the world are moms. Moms are a large and powerful demographic of majority of consumer brands, and P&G is very much aware of this. When they launched their #VapoLove Vicks VapoRub campaign, they tapped a group of Latina bloggers to spread their Vicks VapoRub stories. The goal is to capture the attention of Latina moms and to show that Vicks will always be the remedy to sooth our chests and throats. Here are the some of the stories from the bloggers:

How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

“I vividly remember that itchy feeling in my throat and that raspy cough. Once the VapoRub touched my throat and chest the vapors almost immediately opened my airways. It was a welcome relief and a calming feeling.” – Thrifty Diva

How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

“I clearly remember my mom using Vicks for her headaches… for my gripes, for my bruises… and for a zillion other illnesses. And now that I am a mom I find myself doing the same with my 4 year old.” – Lola Blue Style

How P&G’s ROI-Focused KOL Marketing Converted To Sales

“When my children are sick, I cuddle with them too. I read to them, bring them hot chocolate, stroke their foreheads, and rub Vicks VapoRub onto their chest.” – Penelope Oasis


Through these words, Vicks VapoRub was able to generate sales. How did this happen? Well, people buy products that speaks to their emotions and physical needs. Why do people buy Vicks? For the technical reason: it’s a mentholated ointment that can be easily bought over-the-counter. The emotional trigger? Vicks is soothing, it relieves cough and it makes you feel good. And for moms, this is important as Vicks can help cure their children. From that, Vicks already knew that moms would patronize their product. So they decided to work with blogger moms because they know that they will be able to relay the message clearly.



An ROI-Focused KOL Marketing campaign will be successful if you have already set a goal beforehand. It’s not just about growth in followers and web traffic, it’s also about gaining good ROI with the help of KOLs. How can FMCG brands do this? They should expand their horizons and start thinking outside of the box. Study the right metrics and try leveraging KOL Marketing and see if it’s beneficial for your brand (you can also do this by working with an Influencer Marketing platform!).


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