How influencers (KOL) affect consumers’ buying decisions

How Influencers (KOL) Affect Consumers' Buying Decisions

Are you wondering if social media influencers (KOL) can really affect the purchasing decisions of consumers?

According to a research by Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers trust online reviews from influencers (KOL) and 72% of consumers say that positive reviews makes them trust a brand even more. When you have the trust of the consumers, you will be effective in laying out your plans. Online influencers have the power to uphold positivity which allows them to create delightful and meaningful content that would generate more influence to people. Consumers crave products that fit their expectations and put value in their lives and social media influencers can help by making sure that the products and services of a specific business would touch and reach their target audience.

Online influencers can really affect the buying decisions of consumers—but on what scale? 


Influencers (KOL) are marketing experts

How Influencers (KOL) Affect Consumers' Buying Decisions

It’s gotten harder for brands to resonate with consumers in this generation. Good thing there are influencers—they made complicated things uncomplicated for them. Influencers are believable, relatable and they post visually pleasing contents, making their audience want more. There’s actually no secret as to why influencers are considered experts in this field, but if there is one, it’s because they are also consumers themselves. Yes! They understand the wants and needs of consumers. Why? Because they are also consumers themselves. Consumers trust what other consumers say.

Aside from that, KOLs are always open for conversations. Consumers want convenience and they would rather buy a product from an online shop that replies fast. The same goes with influencer marketing, influencers love to engage and make genuine interactions with their audience. Because of this, consumers are drawn and eager to buy whatever product they are posting.


Millennials are the modern-day consumers

How Influencers (KOL) Affect Consumers' Buying Decisions

Millennials probably cover 90% of people on social media. This generation is composed of students, artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and many more. They get inspiration not just from the physical world but also in social media by following the people they relate to—the social media influencers. Almost everyone from this age bracket has a fear of missing out. This makes them the key audience of KOLs and brands!


Emotional vs Rational approach

How Influencers (KOL) Affect Consumers' Buying Decisions

Throughout the years, we have seen the change in the behavior of the consumers. According to experts, social media plays a big role in the pre-purchase decisions of consumers. It’s harder to convince them now because they’re more rational with their buying decisions. But with the emergence of influencers, things got more conducive. Understand that consumers see themselves in the influencers they followthey feel a certain connection with them that is why influencers are effective at making their audience support whatever they’re posting online. They are good at balancing the purchasing decisions of the consumers, making them buy based on emotional triggers but still on a rational extentwhich is a lot more effective than staying to only one strategy.


Thoughts to keep in mind

How Influencers (KOL) Affect Consumers' Buying Decisions

We can’t deny the fact that social media influencers are the powerful forces of marketing today. They have the ability to not just inspire but also to turn their audience into influencers too. Yes, according to a study from ResearchGate, 60% of consumers prefer to share information about the products they bought with others online. Take for example a consumer who comes across an instagram post of a travel blogger eating at a restaurantthat person may be encouraged to go and eat at the same restaurant, take a snapshot and post it on social media. Another one is when a consumer buys a make-up product she saw from her favorite beauty vlogger and eventually posts her own video review on Youtubeit’s definitely a domino effect! That being said, word-of-mouth recommendations are extended to a whole new bunch of potential customers.

The great thing about leveraging influencer marketing is that once you’ve built your presence on social media, you would be able to have your customers talk about you as well which could lead to more sales and return on investment!

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