How Do Consumers (Really) Buy?

It’s no news that we are all facing a new marketplace today. How fast are we as marketers are able to adapt to all tools out there? Which channels to best optimise? Where to put our products? But I’d say the key question is have we really figured out or trying to really figure out our consumers? 

In the course of the coming months, we will share with you some insights and trends (about the modern consumers) that marketers will face in 2018. Here’s a short glimpse of a few helpful data that we’ve found for you.


What makes consumers buy? 

This is an interesting article that stresses the power of (1) Online research – does your brand have a strong digital DNA? Are you found by consumers who are looking for you? (2) Product trends – will you adapt to what is “trending” or create your own to stay ahead? (3) Convenience – the What, When, and How of your brand (4) Value – “These consumers are so immersed in their digital environments that they can connect with their favourite brands in more ways than one. This online interaction has elevated how people engage with businesses”

Some relevant stats on online behaviour 

28% of global shoppers purchased all or most of their clothing and footwear online in the last 12 months

37% of global shoppers prefer to purchase health and beauty (cosmetics) online

43% of global shoppers prefer to do their watch and jewellery research online

Understanding marketers challenges

Having the above information in mind, what could be your problems as a marketer or brand owner? Is it not having enough budget, hiring talents, proving ROI of marketing efforts? Read more here

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So what?

At AlphaConcepts, we’ll continue our journey to discover our consumers and what will make them engaged and we will share everything we find out with you! We can learn together.

Hopefully, you can join our journey because (1) it’s definitely free, I promise we won’t do any hard selling stuff (although you can have a free trial here), (2) we will always have to find new strategies to enter and penetrate the market in the modern digital world –and you can get valuable ideas too and (3) you don’t have to be our customer to enjoy this blog!

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