How Clockenflap Festival is Shaping Hong Kong’s Music Scene

It takes more than a village to market Hong Kong’s version of “Coachella”.

With the festival slated to happen this November, all eyes of the festival-goers are on the lineup. The show will be headlined by music’s biggest stars including Interpol, Khalid, and a lot more. It may seem easy for a festival to cut through the minds of people. Sure, they can just release the names of the music guests and consumers will already buy tickets. But as the saying goes, that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”. There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that many people don’t see. Yes, it takes more than a village to market one of the biggest music festivals in Hong Kong. See how it’s shaping the local music scene:

How it started

Clockenflap began its influence on the real world when it was launched a few years back in Hong Kong. During that time, the reputation of music festivals are slowly going downhill as they are losing the variety and mass appeal. Until one genius named Jay Hoffman-Forster came into the picture. He started conceptualizing with his team and they came up with “Clockenflap Festival”.

Clockenflap’s marketing and how it is today

When we say Clockenflap is shaping Hong Kong’s music scene, we mean it! Back then, festivals are just about music. Now, it’s a completely different world – a world where people who share the same interests and passion come together to unite as one.

Clockenflap’s early days are a bit rough. They needed to double their efforts to acquire audience. For a new brand, it’s pretty hard to do that. But Clockenflap managed to become a household name. How? They started by inviting up and coming local artists until they reached a sizable audience, that’s the time they decided to invite big artists. And the rest is history.

Clockenflap is continuously defining the music festival scene in Hong Kong as it also showcases arts and fashion. Yes, the way Clockenflap market their brand is outstanding as they don’t only promote music, they also promote camaraderie and unity through their visually pleasing graphic contents. From the founder to the graphic artists to production assistant and marketers, Clockenflap is packed with hard workers who only want nothing but the best for their “baby”. True enough, their efforts reflected their victory throughout the years.

What sets Clockenflap apart from other music festivals is the fact that it’s not just a music festival. It’s also an arts and fashion festival where attendees can dress to their favorite fashion pieces – something that majority of festival-goers love.


What we can learn from them

The main takeaway is that it’s never bad to incorporate new ideas in anything that you do. If you are a brand who wants to make it big, think outside the box or improve what you have. Just like what Clockenflap did. They may have taken inspiration from Coachella, but they managed to build their own name – something that most brands struggle to do.

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