How Pure Fitness HK boost its members through Digital & KOL marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most efficient ways for gyms to expand their initiatives by keeping their clients updated about their health and fitness concerns 24/7.


The world is definitely changing and technology is taking the lead. People mostly rely on the internet for latest news about certain topics they care or they are curious about. We’re living in a fast-paced world, and if you’re a slow business, you’ll get left behind.

Digital marketing is the core of every type of online marketing. In fact, according to Forbes, it made the world of marketing more dynamic. We marketers have not only improved in the way we market our products, we have also made a huge impact in the way consumers buy – and that is a very important thing to do.

But the many options of online marketing can be confusing and too overwhelming. Thankfully, there is Pure Fitness, a gym that is making a name in Hong Kong for its overall impressive marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at how they use what they call the “holy trinity” of social media to connect with their customers:



Have you heard that “facebook is getting old”? Apparently, majority of teens are now switching to Instagram, Snapchat and the like to get away from elders and fully express themselves. But it seems like businesses like Pure Fitness aren’t affected in this scenario, as gyms are usually marketed to early 20s & up.

When you open their Facebook page, a picture of a woman in a boxing session will show up.

This is not just a simple “cover photo” that they decided to use. Just by that photograph, they already made a statement that women are also capable of doing what men can do. Pure Fitness is a gym that promotes diversity and inclusivity, hence, it’s open for all. Here’s what brands should keep in mind: it’s important to not overlook the tiny details of your strategy. Why? Those little things are what gives the most impact to your customers.

Another thing: they are also active in releasing quality videos that would definitely inspire each and everyone to get fit and reach their full potential!

Just recently, they also encouraged their clients to participate in racing funds in support of the earthquake that happened in Indonesia. #MarketingWithAPurpose! It only goes to show that their Facebook marketing is not limited to the norm, it can break out of the “fitness cage” and inspire other people to help.

Hope for a new day. The devastating effects of Indonesia Earthquake will be long lasting. But every bit of assistance…

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According to Hubspot, more than 80% of Instagram’s user base is outside the U.S. This is the reason why asian brands like Pure Fitness are making use of all their resources to connect with their audience on the said platform. But do you know what’s interesting about their Instagram marketing strategy? It’s the fact that majority of their photos are black & white. For some, this is a risky move. As per Reader’s Digest latest research, colorful pictures could make people more likely to double-tap instead of scrolling by. But Pure Fitness wants to be different so they can stand out from the rest.

Their photos are impactful: the black & white concept gives that certain sense of curiosity for their audience. It makes people think how it’s really like to have a workout session inside their gym—and that is a smart thing to do! Which makes sense why Forbes emphasized the importance of curiosity in marketing.

Another strategy that they are currently using is Influencer or KOL marketing. This is a type of marketing in which partnerships are made between brands and social media influencers (KOL) to further promote products and services.

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Same goal, different season.💪🏽 – “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”✨ – Competing is a sport that most peeps don’t understand, so I’m super grateful for the ones that do and share the same passion — they make all the difference.❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . #contestprep #bikiniprep #reversedieting #offseason #progresspic #ifbbbikini #bikinicompetitor #ifbb #fitness #bodybuilding #chickswholift #fitgirl #fitnessjourney #hkfitness #hkbikini #gymlife #fitspo #fitlife #strengthtraining #trainhard #gains #hardwork #noexcuses #fitfam #bootybuilding #hkgym #fitnessmotivation #discipline #tgif #fridayworkout

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Pure Fitness in Hong Kong is just new in this venture, but over the months of working with KOLs, they already boosted their ROI. It only goes to show that if you’re not afraid to play with your digital strategy, everything will go smoothly.



Just like any other fitness Youtube channel, they also have a bunch of videos teaching people the right ways to workout. But what sets their videos apart from the rest is that majority of their them only run for like 1 to 2 minutes. According to Hubspot, there is a decreasing attention span for consumers, so uploading those short fast videos is an effective strategy for today.

Additionally, their videos feels real and authentic—something that marketers should learn from. Marketing now is all about making other people feel connected and inspired. And that’s what Pure Fitness is doing in their Youtube marketing strategy.



  • In using digital marketing, you could definitely promote your gym to your target audience where they spend most of their time.

  • Marketing online has its pros and cons. Always make sure to try a specific strategy first before shelling out all your budget. That way, you will know if it’s right for your brand and that you will not regret your decision in the end.

  • It’s a great time to use social media to market your fitness gym. When’s the right time to start? NOW!

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