Leader on Spotlight: Google Hong Kong’s Leonie Valentine

With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations, Leonie Valentine proves that she is definitely at the top of her game!


Humble beginnings

Before Leonie Valentine became a part of Google Hong Kong, she juggled different types of jobs. In the early 90s, she joined BP Australia as a marketing trainee. Years later, she was promoted to a sales manager – it was one of the defining moments of her career as she proved to herself that she could BE more.

In the early 2000s, she felt she could DO more. She joined KAZ, a medicare company, where she became a client director. She spent most of her time building relationships with the company’s clients and made sure to maintain a high retention rate. But just like any other dreamer, she struggled in her career.

Marketing is very close to Valentine’s heart, so in 2006, she joined Telstra as General Manager for customer experience marketing. Years passed, she became Telsta’s acting Director for marketing wherein she led the development and delivery of the company’s key thought leadership and customer experience programs.


Google and beyond

After hopping from one job to another, Leonie applied for Google. Fortunately, she got in and became the Director of Customer Experience in Asia-Pacific. She handled a team of hardworking people whose aim is to provide online advertising advice for small-medium businesses across Asia, with a focus on goal setting to improve ROI from Google’s products.

Two years later, she got one of the toughest yet most fulfilling jobs she could ever have. That’s right, Leonie Valentine is currently the Managing Director, Sales & Operations of Google Hong Kong. Her day to day responsibilities include managing Google HK sales and operations, development and execution of the overall Hong Kong strategy, driving revenue growth across different verticals, and contributing strategically to the growth and direction of Google products and services in the region.

After having worked for many many years, Valentine felt it’s the right time to pass her learnings to our future leaders. Together with Google, Valentine launched the EYE program, a passion project that aims to help young entrepreneurs reach their full potential. As what she explained perfectly:

“Through the years, Google has advocated entrepreneurship and innovation, because we believe that some of the biggest problems in the world can be solved.”



In the case of wanting to make it big in the industry, it’s all a matter of persistence and really knowing where you belong. For Leonie Valentine, she tried different “major” jobs to really see where she fits. Her overall journey seemed like God only prepared her for what would become one of her biggest role in her career – to be Google Hong Kong’s Managing Director for Sales & Operations!

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