Why “Free Taste” Is Still Your Best Marketing Strategy

The “free taste” strategy has been around since the 60s, it’s not really entirely new. Basically, it’s a way of giving free food to convince and encourage customers to buy from you. This has been a default strategy for businesses like ice cream stands, juiceries, restaurants, supermarkets and the like.

While there are a lot of old strategies that should just be left in the past, “free taste” is definitely not it. This 2019, you can still leverage this tactic in a more effective and modern way.

Read on to know how:


Let’s face it…

“Free taste” works because people love free food. But is it really convincing them to buy?

Two things: it’s a matter of how you offer your food and its taste. Let’s say you’re a shop that sells desserts and customers come along, the main goal is to get their attention. But as the years go by and the attention span of people decreases, it has become harder to reach out to them. So how will you do it this 2019? Here are several ways:


  • Be a mascot server

Although this step is cliche, it is still effective today. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer: if you are strolling in a mall and you see a mascot from afar, you would definitely be curious right? Especially if the mascot is serving free food! Yes, if you’re free taste strategy isn’t working well, better be a mascot server (this is also a good strategy to attract kids!).

If you’re an ice cream business, be in an ice cream suit. Selling buns and pastries? Wear a bread costume. If you’re short on budget, you can still leverage this strategy through DIYs. Create your own ice cream/candy headbands and put face paint. Just be creative and you’re good to go!



  • Sell food through music


We only usually see buskers and independent artists singing in the streets for a living, but imagine serenading your customers and giving them free treats. This is not a common strategy, but if you apply this to your food business then you might possibly convince your customers to patronize you!


  • Invite food ambassadors

If you’re thinking of stepping up your strategy, then you may consider working with food ambassadors. These people can range from bloggers to social media stars. The decision is up to you, but the goal is to have them be the “face” of your brand for a day or for how long you want it.

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The great thing about working with food ambassadors is that they can promote and invite their followers to come to you. While the majority of them will come only for the free food that the ambassadors will serve, it’s still is a great strategy as there will surely be a handful of people who will dine in and buy food (and also post them online!)



Free taste is really more than just giving food for free. In our market today, it’s important to spice things up to keep your customers coming in!