These 4 Food KOLs Are Driving The Restaurant Industry in Hong Kong

It is no secret that influencers, also known as key opinion leaders (KOL), are booming in Hong Kong right now. With the amount of consumers who spend most of their time online, it is only imperative to work with people who can easily reach them.

In today’s environment, businesses like food parks or restaurants can’t stay stagnant. It’s always better to explore and try out other ways to market your business. After all, it’s 2019! Restaurants need to go out of their comfort zone to build awareness and sell their products in the most authentic way.

In this article, we talked with Hong Kong influencers that are currently thriving in the food and restaurant industry:


1. Angel Wong (@cmei_angel)

How did you start as an influencer/KOL?

As a daily dining outside person, I love to try new things and record it to share with others, and recommend my secret travel place and food. That’s how I started to become a KOL in Hong Kong.

What’s your secret in taking good quality photos?

It’s as simple as this: just try different angles and also learn how to observe others.

What is an upcoming trend that you are passionate about?

More healthy lifestyle and food choices for people.

2. Frederick Moomin (@frederick_moomin)

What kind of content do you usually produce?
I like food and photography very much. It is very popular and common for Hong Kong people to share food photos online. So I started sharing mine too. I have also shared lots of my lifestyle ideas, travel experiences, wine and sports, etc. It’s difficult to have everyone like my posts, especially as a male blogger. So I’ve worked very hard to prepare the content to cater to what the audiences want to see. However, I still need to present my thoughts clearly to attract them.

What’s a secret tip you can share on how to take quality food photos?

I usually play around with different angles while shooting. But as we know, Instagram’s interface is so limited, so I love to show the photos I took in a vertical format. This is my style and it makes the photo more eye-catching because of the large space!

What are the biggest contributions of KOLs to brands and businesses?

The thoughts and opinion of influencers help the audience understand if a certain product is good or not. KOLs let their followers have more understanding of the product and stimulate their interest. It is a win-win situation for KOLs and brands!

3. Ken Liu (@citytraveldreamer)

What brought you to the KOL industry?

I started my KOL journey when I shared my personal experiences of Facebook, Instagram and website a few years ago. One day, a video I shot in Holland went viral – it got a lot of likes and shares and my fan base grew 20k in just a few days. Because of that, I became who I am today.

Can you describe your audience a little bit more?

My audience seem to like pictures of me and picture of beautiful things that I like to capture.

What is an upcoming trend that you are passionate about?

Live video! I love interacting with people so I think it’s interesting.

4. Mark Musette (@markmusette)

What are the biggest contributions of KOLs to brands and businesses?

KOLs or influencers help the ball rolling by introducing latest trends on social media. Our followers rely on us for recommendations on where to go, what to buy, wear and eat.

Any hacks or tips on how to take quality food photos?

When making reservations or arriving at restaurants, make sure to *politely* ask them to give you a table next to a window (during daytime), or near good lighting (during nighttime) BECAUSE LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING!

What is an upcoming trend that you are passionate about?

Cashless and cardless payments, because after a day of shopping, you end up with hundreds of dollars worth of coins, and I used to carry two wallets around to hold my cards and cash. Now, I only use one, so it’s showing that more and more businesses are starting to integrate this. I’m hoping soon they‘d all jump on the trend so I wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting my wallet!




  • The world of influencer marketing is getting bigger and bigger. The importance of KOLs for brands cannot be underestimated, especially in the food and resto industry.

  • Influencers also have a life outside of their “KOL life”, so be wary of their schedule when working with them.

  • Consumers listen to other people’s recommendations, so working with KOLs can be a good choice.

  • Influencer marketing is a more affordable and effective way to connect with your target audience, so it’s up to brands like you to decide if this is a perfect fit for you.