5 Brands that boosted their ROIs through Influencer Marketing

We all know that influencer marketing can raise brand awareness and drive conversions. It’s been proven to be effective by many brands that have successfully boosted their ROIs. Influencer marketing campaigns doesn’t always aim to get a large following—sure it’s part of the process—but it’s focus is mainly generating interest from their target audience and have them patronize their products.

The use of influencer marketing has come a long way and it has helped a lot of brands throughout the years. Let’s take a look at the top five brands that successfully leveraged influencer marketing for their campaigns:

1. Super Bowl 50 with Apartments.com

(photo source: uInterview)

The Super Bowl is considered as one of the biggest sports events in the entire world. Partnering with them is probably the best decision that Apartments.com has ever done. Having a commercial spot in the Super Bowl is vital as it’s an opportunity to reach millions of people that’s why Apartments.com used their power to showcase their brand by producing a commercial dubbed as “Movin’ On Up” which tells Americans that renting apartments or kit homes is now more affordable than before. They worked with influencers and famous rapper Lil Wayne—through his instagram account, Lil Wayne was able to create buzz by posting teaser trailers of the commercial. Because of that, other musicians were also encouraged to post their versions of the jingle on instagram which made more hype leading up to the 50th Super Bowl. Commercials are hard to cut-through nowadays, but because of Lil Wayne’s influence on instagram, the strategy was a success that it generated exposure and sales for Apartments.com.

2. Daniel Wellington

(photo source: king kong)

Throughout the years, Daniel Wellington became the go-to watch and a form of accessory for fashion and beauty bloggers. Instagram became its haven: the strategy of posting wonderfully curated photographs worked. The campaign made it seem like wearing a Daniel Wellington watch on a normal day should be a thing. Daniel Wellington proved that it’s possible for a simplistic watch to break the internet. Additionally, a watch brand can also build an empire provided you work with creative KOLs.

3. H&M

(photo source: chuvaness.com)

H&M, one of the leading clothing brands in the world, is a master at boosting ROIs through influencers. Throughout the years, H&M continued to grow and evolve its social media presence and marketing strategies. H&M’s technique is no secret: it’s as simple as doing photoshoots with models that they can use for online advertising and also inviting social media influencers to attend the opening of their new branches. Yes, every time H&M would open a flagship store in a specific country, they would hire influencers that would help draw interest and build hype on social media.

The results were amazing as long lines of people are evident on their every opening day. Everything paid off for H&M as it is now one of the biggest fashion brands in the world!

4. Unilever

(photo source: crazy egg)

Unilever is a trusted brand in the world of consumer goods. The brand is good at using large influencers for high-impact marketing campaigns and influencers for everyday engagement. For their margarine Stork, they tapped influencers to collaborate with them. Unilever instructed 21 influencers to post creative photos of food they baked using Stork. 

The result? The images posted were seen by more than 400,000 followers. It was truly a success as the engagement and conversions exceeded their expectations!

5. Coachella

(photo source: The Business of Fashion)

The rise of social media influencers became an advantage for Coachella. Their social media campaign was simple: invite influencers and have them post photos on Instagram. The result? Many people got curious and interested and the amount of festival-goers from all around the world started to increase. The festival has evolved from “music and arts festival” to “music, arts and fashion festival”. Thanks to their intiative to target music, arts and fashion KOLs.


The above examples showed how necessary influencers are in the kind of environment we have today. They add a more authentic and personal touch to our brands to reach consumers. It’s something that we should all definitely consider if we want to level up our marketing game.

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