4 Hacks to ‘Beef Up’ Leads (Fitness/Gym Biz)


For fitness entrepreneurs: whether you specialise in muay thai, strength training, indoor cycling, yoga, boxing, etc. AND you want to learn how you can ‘BEEF UP’ your leads, this video is definitely for you!


  • Local Biz Dev

All other small businesses out there needs more people, and you have the same struggle with them. Why not do a partnership with them? 

For example: go to your neighbouring cafe and ask them to distribute 50% off coupons off your boxing class, in return you’ll divert foot traffic to them by giving your customers 50% coffee coupons. Do this to the rest of the business within your radius.  

  • DM

Yes, send a private message to all potential customers who has opted in your email list or sent you a message.

And, send it from your personal account because people want to do business with people and not businesses! – (make sure you don’t sell, you job is to make them ask you “how much?”)

  • Kill it on content

Here’s a basic IG formula, feel free to exceed this!

~~3 Ig stories per day

~~2 posts (1 from your gym, 1 motivational) per day  

make sure to tag your location and use local hashtags

~~1 social WOM referral per day

it’s important that other people also talk about you, and not just you saying good stuff about yourself

  • Gimmicks

Whether it be a disco themed workout, giving away cool freebies post workout, stand out + fun class pics (mannequin challenge, ice bucket challenge, create your own), it’s time to be creative and play around with gimmicks!

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