Coca-cola: Humanizing products through influencer marketing

In the 1920s, Coca-Cola created the Santa Claus figure to help sell their products. The image of Santa holding a Coke is inevitably seen on TV ads around the globe. How did Coca-Cola manage to humanize their brand throughout the years?


Watch the video to know more:

Quick Facts:

  • Santa is considered one of the first examples of “Influencer Marketing”.
  • Over the years, Coca-Cola continued to leverage this type of marketing.
  • They worked with different influencers to help humanize their brand.  
  • One recent example is Coca-Cola’s #PickYourTeam campaign with FIFA World Cup 2018
  • The main goal is to “tease” football fans about the upcoming event with satirical and light-hearted content.
  • Through the help of SG and MY influencers, Coca-Cola was able to drive sales and FIFA World Cup was watched by millions of people across the globe.


  • Coca-Cola is a brand that is 130 years old – it has gone through different generations.
  • Their future plans? To continue connecting their products to each generation with the help of influencers or KOLs.

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