Clean Technology: Here Are The Current Practices In Customer-Focused Industries


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Clean technology has become a major priority for customer-focused industries. What are the current sustainability practices being used that are making a positive change to the environment?


Clean Technology takes on many forms as people work together to enhance the environment for the future. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is a term generally used to define a set of technologies that reduces and optimises the use of natural resources, while at the same time reducing the negative effects of technology. A big chunk of that process happens in the world of hospitality. Hotels, airlines and restaurants are at an all-time high. While that calls for a celebration, that also calls for care for the environment. The reason is because tourism generates traffic, air pollution and puts enormous stress on local land use. Because of this, the experts are doubling their initiatives in finding ways to protect the environment without limiting the quality of service the industry provides. According to EPOSability Managing Director Robbie Francis, employing eco-friendly technology is a great way to show guests that you’re committed to making a difference.

If you want to know more, here are the current practices in customer-focused industries:



  • In-Room Touchscreen Tablets

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Hotel technology is constantly evolving and shaping the experiences of customers. One of the most advanced addition to hotels are in-room touchscreen tablets. A good number of big-time hotels like The Inn At Penn, A Hilton Hotel have implemented this because it allows them to have a smooth transaction with guests and it also helps manage and use energy modestly. Another amazing thing about this is that it saves the need for printing papers (for menus, hotel receipts, etc.), something that is totally helpful to the environment as it lessens the process of cutting down trees. The implementation of tablets is being used as a method to elevate the hotel industry in order to attract more guests. Clearly, a fully functional tablet would foster a lot of good things for the hotel industry in terms of service requests, room automation, digital music, direct communication and alarm clock functionality.



  • Touchscreen Food Machines


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Food vending machines are rampant in different parts of the world and it succeeded in terms of being the tourists go-to food supplier on the road. But as the years went by, the restaurant industry have seen its fair share of triumphs and fluctuations. Because of that, they decided to keep up with the changes in technology in hopes of targeting  more customers. Instead of the usual food vending machine, they made a touchscreen machine that is both fast and efficient. One example is MooBella Ice Creamery Machine, a digital food box that can produce 96 variations of cool treats in just 40 seconds. While the cost for producing this upgraded machine is high, it’s still worth it as it could help reduce staffing and make the customer experience more favorable and convenient. This is one sustainable initiative that F&Bs should focus on in the coming years!


  • Webcam-Enabled Monitoring


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If you think scenarios like this only happens in the Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’, you’re totally wrong. Webcam-enabled monitoring may be considered one of the most advanced clean tech equipment being used in the industry today. Sealed Air, a knowledge-based provider have done several trials over the last few years using this device.

In trials at a few healthcare facilities in the U.S., employees wore identification badges equipped with radio frequency transmitters that alerted the system when they approached the sink to wash their hands. The goal is to monitor the workers, so the system tracked how long the washing lasted and whether they used soap to wash their hands. These webcam-enabled badges allows the higher-ups to watch their employees and see if they need to reinforce training. Cleanliness is important in the hospitality industry and this is one sustainable device that would help detect any noncompliance with the company regulations.



  • Sustainable LED Lights


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Majority of hotels often have corridors or other areas where the lights are left for a long period of time. We all know how important it is to conserve energy as it helps lessen pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and leaving lights on for too long is no good.

Light technology has done so much for customer-focused industries and it is only necessary to switch to sustainable LED lights. Technology innovations like occupancy sensors are a low-cost and effective way to ensure that lights are only switched on when needed, and turned off when not used. Going into this direction will not only help conserve electricity but also show your guests that energy efficiency matters to you.



  • Greener Flights


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Did you know that air travel is the least harmful to climate change? Yes, that’s true! We can say that the industry of aviation is the least damaging industry, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do anything to take care of the environment. In fact, the aeronautics experts have been doing their sustainability initiatives over the past few years. Part of the process involves improving travel time depending on the weather together with the new Air Traffic Efficiency Technology. The goal of this latest innovation is to integrate air, ground and other elements of management in order to streamline the process of air travel.

Hong Kong Airlines, one of the biggest and most successful airlines in the world, is pushing for a “greener travel”. As part of their CSR initiatives, they’re offering free bicycle baggage allowance for passengers flying to a few list of countries. This encourages passengers to go for a pollution-free mode of transport whether they’re in or out of the country.

Airlines have been consistent in developing new technology and regulating new helpful guidelines. These advances only means that flying is becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly than before.



  • Customer-focused industries gearing up to a more eco-friendly approach is one indication that the future is bright for the world of hospitality.
  • Clean Technology is not just about taking care of the environment, it’s also about delivering the best services for the consumers to patronize and enjoy.
  • The market for clean technology will rise significantly and it will continue to foster goodwill for different industries around the globe