How L’Oréal made KOL marketing effective | CASE STUDY

In our previous video, we define the 3 key tips on how to make your influencer campaigns effective. This time, we’ll be putting all that into test through L’Oréal’s “Your Skin, Your Story” campaign–one of the most effective KOL campaigns ever in the history of marketing!



In our earlier video, we define 3 tips on how to make your influencer campaigns effective. Now, we’re gonna put that into test. Now, let’s take a look at L’oreal’s Your Skin Your Story Campaign which is one of the most successful KOL campaigns ever in the history of marketing.

So tip # 1 was to define what success looks like. And for L’oreal, it is to empower their audience to feel comfortable and feel great about their own skin. It’s really more about awareness and making their audiences feel something and experience the comfort they have with their own skin.

Tip # 2 was to build long-term relationships with the right micro-influencers. For L’oreal, they handpicked only sixteen KOLs from different race and gender creating a lot of diversity and inclusivity for their campaigns.

Number 3 which is the important one is to ‘Stop Selling and Start Branding’. With the 36 contents published for L’oreal’s campaign, none of it was pushing their audiences to “buy this item now!” In return, they had over 557k engagement, 16m impressions, and 2.5m of reach, making it one of the most successful KOL campaigns ever in the history and this really created a lot of awareness and inclusivity, building a very strong brand of L’oreal.

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在我們之前的視頻中,我們討論有關如何使網紅營銷的3個技巧。現在,我們測試一下 我們先看看Loreal的營銷活動 – Your Skin Your Story Campaign 這是有史以​​來最成功的KOL活動之一 這是有史以​​來最成功的KOL活動之一

我們之前的提示一是要先定義成功的KOL營銷 在Loreal的定義,就是令她們的觀眾 對自己的皮膚感覺良好。它更多地是希望提高意識並讓觀眾感受 並體驗他們對自己皮膚的舒適感覺

提示二是要和適當的KOL建立長遠的關係 Loreal他們自己挑選了16個不同的種族和性別的KOL 提高了營銷活動的多樣性 和包容性

提示二是要停止硬銷並開始推廣品牌 L’oreal的活動發布了36個內容中,沒有一個是硬銷觀眾購買他們的物品 結果,他們有超過557k的回應,16m的印象和2.5m的觀眾 令他成為史上最成功的KOL硬銷活動之一 創造了很多意識和包容性 也幫L’oreal建立一個非常強大的品牌影響。

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