Can KOLs accelerate your eCommerce sales? | 2019

With the tough competition in the market, brands are finding new ways to promote their products. This is the main reason why eCommerce brands are heavily investing on Influencer Marketing. Why so?


Influencers or KOLs are effective ambassadors in the modern era. They have built wonderful relationships with their followers and trusted by the brands they work with. But aside from the low-cost and efficiency, what else can they bring to the table?

As you can see, looking for an influencer isn’t just about fame and followers. You have to look beyond the numbers. It’s also important to introduce your KOLs first to your brand goals and values before launching any campaign. KOLs are really helpful: they can convince their followers to buy latest releases from your eCommerce site. Talk about well-curated photos, authentic product reviews and UGC? Say no more!

Now, going back to the question: Can KOLs accelerate your eCommerce sales?

The answer is yes! The use of Influencer Marketing for eCommerce is practically new, so be meticulous in planning in order to succeed.

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