How to Build Brand Awareness for Small Business Owners | 2019

To succeed in building brand awareness, brands should be able to embed themselves in the habits and lifestyle of their chosen audience. This is crucial especially for small brands wanting to make a name for themselves. To cut through the industry where big corporations are dominating, your brand should make a lasting impression.

In this article, we combine the ideal ways to market your business this 2019:


1. Network & work together

Small business owners should be open to working with other people: may it be an investor, an industry leader or a friend who owns a business—it is important to collaborate. Running a business can be pretty overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. Tips? Attend conferences. Schedule a meeting with potential business partners. Remember, building your network is one step to building awareness about your brand.


2. Digitize your brand (It’s 2019!)

We couldn’t emphasize this enough. Going digital is a key to survive in the industry of entrepreneurship. Brands today should have an online presence to be on the top of the minds of consumers. How can you effectively do this? Create accounts on different social media channels to reach a wide variety of audience. Don’t be afraid to market your brand through visually pleasing photos and videos. Yes, digitizing your business is one thing, but rolling out creative and fun contents are equally important.

Whether you are a fashion, restaurant, or a fitness business, it’s vital to be on social media. But don’t just be there for the sake of having an online presence, you need to be able to put up fresh and enticing contents from time to time to excite your followers.


3. Strengthen your customer service

Let’s face it: some of the best brands who market their products effectively are bad at customer service. For small brands, don’t be like them!

In our recent #StartmeupHK coverage, Carousell CEO Quek Siu Rui stressed the importance of customer experience to give good customer service. And this is something that we also want to share to small brands out there.

To strengthen your customer service, you have to listen to your audience. Welcome their criticism and don’t take things too personally. The feedback of your customers are crucial to improving your business objectives.


4. Work with influential people

There are so many influential people on social media right now. Now, what are you going to do? Will you just stick to your old marketing tactics? Or will you take the opportunity to work with social media influencers?

As you can see, more and more brands are now working with KOLs because of their power to influence. If you’re really serious about building brand awareness, influencers are proven to be effective ambassadors!





Everything starts with impression. In every tactic or strategy that you do, you have to consider your potential customers. While it’s important to stick to your own vision and style, you also have to put yourself in the position of your audience to fully understand how to market your business better.

Ready to step up your business this 2019?