3 Major Tips To Avoid Customer “Ghosting”

In the dating world, ghosting” is the wholly unpleasant phenomenon when someone you are dating decides to simply fade away with no upfront explanation. It is a term that is commonly used by millennials and gen zs nowadays. Even in other instances, this millennial slang can be applied.

In the world of business, you can say a customer “ghosted” you when: (1) they signed up for a free facial session for your spa and never showed up, (2) they reserved a table at your restaurant and never came back, (3) they said they’ll buy your clothes on Shopify and suddenly ignored you days afterand many more.

While this can be annoying at times, we can’t blame our customers. Sometimes, there are things that we have to improve in order to make them stay.

Here are the 3 major tips to avoid customer “ghosting”:



  • Make an impression through social media


All of us are aware of how great social media is. It can be used as a tool to reach out to untapped audiences and get more attentionwhich would then lead to having foot traffic and sales. But the main question is: are you maximizing all your efforts on social media?

In our previous blog, we emphasized the importance of having a good Instagram feed. But more than having a good feed and treating your Instagram as an asset, you also have to make sure that your posts are relatable and convincing. How can you do that?

Well, you need to make an impression. When we say impression, you have to create a lasting impact to your customers that would make them want to physically go to your store and buy your products.

For food businesses, be consistent in uploading mouth-watering photos of your food. For spa and lifestyle, have that sense of responsibility to showcase what’s authentic and real about your services. For small online shops, whether you’re selling pre-loved clothes, home items and even brand new stuff, have an open mind about the reality of the business world. It can get tough and excruciating at first, but if you have the means of exhibiting your best qualities, you will definitely succeed.



  • Have vast and creative marketing strategy


If there’s one wrong thing that businesses are doing today, it is sticking to only one marketing strategy. First and foremost, while it’s easier to handle a single strategy, it’s not really going to help you in the long run.

Let’s say you’ve been writing articles for your spa blog for a year already, but you’re still not getting any views or your numbers are not increasingthe best way to have people visit your blog page is to repurpose your articles on different social media accounts, share them on online forums about spa & wellness, or turn them into infographics.

Another thing, if you really want people to be able to relate to your business, you have to work with real people to promote your brand. You may partner with non-profit organizations, marketing tech platforms or work directly with social media influencers.

The main goal is to have at least two or three strategies to focus on for the rest of the year. It doesn’t even have to be heavy and expensive, you can just choose to have a mix of traditional and modern strategies to reach the old and young audiences. For food businesses, you may still stick to the giving of free food while promoting your products online. You may also choose to improve your menu designs to entice your customers!

It’s actually not that hard, you just have to believe that you can do it.



  • Humanize your business


Don’t hide behind your computer. Customers love it when you respond to them as quickly as possible. While chatbots are really helpful, it is still best if there’s an instant communication between the two parties.

One great way to humanize your business is to take advantage of videos. Create video blogs or “vlogs” and talk about topics related to your industry. Another thing, you may also choose to do weekly or monthly live videos and chat with your followers online. If you are a food business, start your very first “mukbang” video. Shopify seller? Tap into audiences on Instagram by setting up an account and promote your shopify business there.

Customer will not “ghost” you if are quick to respond to their queries and if you make them feel welcome to your world.


Key takeaway: Just always THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX

Business owners and marketers tend to just do what other businesses are doing or just stick to the norm. The best way to have your customers stay with you is to be different and original. We’re not saying that it’s bad to take inspiration, but you have to find that distinct quality of your business that will make you standout from the rest!