Hong Kong Cyberport Supports Digital Influencer Platform AlphaConcepts

AlphaConcepts has been chosen as one of Cyberport Incubation Programme’s incubatees this 2018!


HONG KONG, HK – June 2018AlphaConcepts, a fast-growing HK-based influencer (KOL) marketing platform run by model turned entrepreneur, Irish Ong, and former 9GAG tech lead, Alex Lau, has gained another milestone by being one of the companies who will receive support and resources from the prestige Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Programme.


“The team is very pleased to get in the programme this time. We’re all very excited about the Hong Kong startup ecosystem, one that values gender and multicultural diversity, nurtures talent, and comprises of a strong capital market that allows for overseas expansion.”  Ong said.


The incubation programme will yield wonders for AlphaConcepts’ rebranding this year. The tech platform just launched a redesigned website that offers a more comprehensive understanding of the Company’s services just this week.  “In our goal to bridge the gap between brands and influencers, we will also be launching our enhanced platform later this year allowing brands to do audience targeting, vetting influencers via how fake or real their profiles are, and other functions that aid to our mission to be a smarter data-driven platform.” Ong said.


See our new website here!


Cyberport Incubation Programme will help foster growth for AlphaConcepts. Other startups that graduated from the programme include: Hong Kong’s first unicorn, GoGoVan; Sequoia backed travel startup, KLOOK; and Alibaba backed e-commerce startup, Shopline.


Here are the other startups that made the cut in this year’s incubation programme:

42Lab is the key solution for biotech education and provides affordable, compact, easy to use experiment kits to teach biotechnology in classrooms.

Abida Medical pursues value-based healthcare through the use of big data and digital healthcare IoT devices like Mamosound, their first medical device is combines proprietary machine learning with advanced biomedical hardware to assist in the early detection of breast cancer.


Accrue is a market analytics company that combines advanced statistical computing and AI with data from the largest institutional quality global event databases to form the Almanac™.

Addweup provides an innovative solution to departing passenger’s remaining currency—they can deposit their remaining local currency into their e-Wallet, or donate to the charity they prefer.

Altcoin Fantasy aims to educate its users about the cryptocurrency space. By creating a fun and exciting way to compete for prizes in contests, they seek to educate potential investors about the space.

AMBIT is one of best independent geospatial consultant companies, having developed a tradition of excellence in successfully providing quality professional services to government authorities and a broad range of industries throughout Hong Kong and internationally.

ATUTUS is an InsureTech company which aims at correcting inefficiency and non-transparency in insurance. By improving those, portion of the money paid by their members to buy insurance will be rebated back to them if they didn’t use the insurance.

AureliaCare Limited is the first venture to build natural, mobile and effective Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM) devices for chronic pain relief in Hong Kong. Being guided by a 3-D interactive diagram for the correct acupoints advised the app, users can plug-and-play and enjoy their treatments anytime and anywhere just at finger-tips.

Brain is building all-in-one Fintech solutions with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. They help investment companies achieve better performance with AI strategy research and execution platforms.

Choy Lee Tech is a research-based biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines.

Freedrop is an O2O marketplace where offline stores rent out their vacant spaces to visitors / customers for luggage storage with a sharing-economy model. They make the vacant spaces become service.  

Farmacy is the global game changer for chefs and food lovers. They provide next generation technology that allows for an unparalleled selection of colorful rare herbs & edible flowers.

Finlink strives to provide the best-in-class remittance service, helping you send your money home to family and friends, anytime, anywhere, 24 x 7, on the go.

GarudaVM believes in building a long-term relationship with portfolio companies, viewing them as partners. They invest in growing companies, with proven track record in industries that benefit from emerging markets such as China and the Southeast Asian economies.

GoTalents is a social media and network, where you can connect with creative talents and employers worldwide. The mission is to support creative hobbyists, professionals and employers to freely express, learn and connect.

Lab Viso uses information technology to grow your business by offering world-class consulting and software development services.

Midpoint is a Fintech company providing a unique technology platform and peer-to-peer Foreign Exchange marketplace. The company built the world’s first authentic ‘P2P’ international FX matching platform.

Miscato is a social enterprise that provides enriching workshops and handmade beauty products to improve your mind, body and soul.

Reboot.AI is Hong Kong’s premiere machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions provider.

SmartOrder introduces a new restaurant POS (Point of Sales) system that reduces cost and increases your revenue by enhancing the customer’s dining experience through its technology and reduce the number of well-trained staff.

Unspun aims to solve consumer’s ultimate problem of finding fit and in the process of automating and localizing production, make life easier for industry by solving the issue of inventory.


Other startups that also made the list:

  • Character Matters Limited

  • ESG Matters Limited
  • Herakles Limited


  • GJS(Hong Kong) Co., Limited 

  • iDGate Security (Hong Kong) Limited

  • Investor Communications Network Limited


  • PriSec Limited

  • Rainy Drop Investments Limited


  • Swish Capital Limited

  • Trove Limited

  • Without Limited

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