AI Takes Over The Fitness Industry

AI Takes Over The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry marks a new era by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). What’s in it for you?


For many years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hyped as the game-changer for all businesses across the globe. With new technology and inventions, AI is there at the top. To give you a brief background: AI is the creation of intelligent machines that mimic humans (learning, problem solving, speech recognition). This means that these machines have the capacity to see, hear and think like a human. Currently, they are being used to further ease the hassle of transactions and enhance the total customer experience. But how did it start? And how did it enter the world of fitness?


AI in Fitness

AI Takes Over The Fitness Industry

A lot of people raised their eyebrows when they heard about AI entering the fitness industry:


“What can it do for fitness?”

“Isn’t it supposed to be just for electronics industry?”

“It’s expensive! Do you think it’s good in the long run?”


These questions were uttered by many. As you can see, not a lot of people believe on how effective technology is in boosting a brand.. Aside from the costs, they also think that it’s not good for long-term use. But like what they always say, you wouldn’t know something unless you try. So when AI entered the fitness industry, a lot of gyms and fitness-related brands all over the world applied this technology in their marketing game. Such examples are: gym membership tech codes, fingerprint scanners, virtual coach, and advance biometrics scanners.

Additionally, there are also other AI inventions that fitness enthusiasts will surely love!


Fitness apps, smart applications, and many more

AI Takes Over The Fitness Industry

There are also a lot of AI happenings outside of gyms. Check out these artificial intelligence inventions that can help consumers become smarter and healthier too:


  • Fitness apps: for consumers who prefer to personalise their own workout, trying out fitness apps and smartphone applications are the way to go. Some examples are Googlefit and MyFitnessPal – by using these artificial intelligence-based mobile trackers, it will be easier to track your fitness journey.

  • Fitness wristbands: aside from fitness apps, fitness wristbands are also making a name for themselves. Fitness wristbands are a good alternative for those who don’t like to hold their phones while exercising.

  • 24/7 Chatbots: chatbots are very helpful for fitness-related businesses. Whether you’re a gym, an online fitness coach or a healthy food delivery service, it’s important to have a good customer support. Chatbots can automatically answer the questions of consumers or direct your them to the next step of your sales funnel, which can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.



AI Takes Over The Fitness Industry

  • AI is a great innovation that any business can adapt.

  • Fitness industry is an exciting place to leverage AI which can help give more opportunities for brands and consumers!

  • The world of fitness is definitely more than about the physical health. It also involves technology which can further ease the lives of fitness enthusiasts!

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