8 Instagrammers that are Changing the Face of Streetwear

8 Instagrammers that are Changing the Face of Streetwear

These Instagrammers are becoming effective ambassadors for the booming streetwear culture. What’s in it for clothing brands?


When it comes to consuming content, our dependence on social media grows every single day. Be it pop culture, latest product releases and the like, gone are the days when people relied on traditional media for fresh happenings. In the fashion industry, streetwear is at an all-time high. For an originally underground fashion ideology, streetwear managed to break barriers and invade the mass mainstream awareness. And that was made possible by social media influencers.

Yes, influencers or KOLs are becoming effective ambassadors for clothing brands like Supreme. They are leading in the way in uncovering latest garments and innovative styles. With that, brands are seeing the importance of leveraging Influencer Marketing to reach more audience and acquire new customers!

We bring you a run-down of the top 8 streetwear Instagrammers that could potentially boost your ROI:


August is clear at his goal: to showcase the fashion that every modern man needs. In his case, he thinks “streetwear” is the perfect style to influence them. With his almost 50K followers, August continues to post affordable clothing and footwear contents to show his audience that they don’t really have to spend a lot of money to pull off the “streetwear” style. It’s all about choosing pieces that would make them comfortable!


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for those who know ☁️

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Reflections on Girl, Roy Lichtenstein, 1990

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With her beautiful Instagram feed, you will surely click the “follow” button to not miss anything from her — that’s how influential Claudia is. She has this way of showcasing the beauty of streetwear in a modern type of way. Streetwear isn’t now limited to the “usual” hoodie jackets and chunky shoes, it’s can also focus on leathers and sassy boots! Claudia is definitely the one to watch in the online world!


Aside from being a CEO of a fresh modeling agency, Syed also makes sure to be a model of his own. Yes, Syed spends most of his time strutting his clothes and shoes on Instagram for the brands he’s working with. He’s definitely a pro at different niches like lifestyle, food and streetwear.


Jessie is a bubbly KOL from Hong Kong. In a fast-paced social media world, Jessie’s only aim is to share her personal stories to connect with more people. She believes her imperfections is what makes her influential in her field. Jessie doesn’t only talk about streetwear, she also dabbles in beauty products, editorials and even medicine.


Mark is a hong-kong based KOL whose dream is to influence his peers in the best way possible. With knowledge in fashion and photography, Mark clearly understands his responsibility as an online figure. Streetwear has been the core of his Instagram contents, and it has successfully transcended in the hearts of his 11,000+ followers (and counting!).


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🖤 Vintage Vibes

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If we’re talking about quality and visually-stunning contents, Alexandra is here to slay. Aside from her “stylish” take on streetwear, she’s also a traveler at heart. She spends most of her time roaming around the world and taking beautiful photos for brands. She has this way of promoting products in a very “subtle but on point!” way. That’s Alexandra’s superpower!


Talk about merging humor, smart comedy and streetwear all at once. Yes, the “it” boys of pereastreet, namely Julo de Guzman, Edsel Uy and Judd Figuerres did that! With their funny antics and streetwear insights on IG TV, pereastreet became one of the fastest-growing independent Instagrammers of the past 4 months. It’s truly just the beginning of the road for them, but it looks like they already served their purpose, as many of their fans have truly indulged themselves in the world of streetwear.


Eccentric, mysterious but charming. These three words perfectly describe Shea’s Instagram feed. Streetwear often has this connotation of being underground, rustic and dirty. But in Shea’s case, she managed to pull off every clothes in a high-fashion way. Together with her boyfriend, they continue to make streetwear clothes look wearable on a daily basis.



  • When it comes to streetwear, social media is the biggest tool used for promoting brand awareness.

  • One single photo can boost the ROI of a brand, so don’t underestimate the use of KOL Marketing.

  • Consumers listen to other people’s recommendations (specifically the ones they follow on social media), they don’t listen to tv or radio ads anymore.

  • With the rising demands for influencers, it’s better to work with them now before the prices go up in the future.

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