5 Common Ways to Work with KOLs | INFLUENCER MARKETING

If you’re looking to work with key opinion leaders (KOL), but don’t know where to start, what to look for, or how to begin your campaigns, this video is for you! Here, we broke down the key ways to work with influencers to attain tangible results!


Hey guys! Today, I will briefly summarize the most common ways to work with KOLs! For a complete guide, download our ebook, linked here!

#1: Product Giveaways —this is gifting your products to KOLs without any assurance that they will post it on Instagram. This is best for fresh brands with very limited budgets.

#2: Pay-to-Post Approach —this is paying the influencers and asking them to do one-off post or a scheduled series of posts. On our ebook, we described a short brief regarding the basic rates.

3rd is Event Invites —so these are product launches, special parties, or very customised and catered events just for influencers to drive buzz.

4th is Branded Experience where you can create unique experiences for the KOLs to use your product.

It can be shopping, travel, styling. It’s time for creativity!

Last is the Cost per Action. Now, not a lot of influencers might agree to this but you can still try. In this strategy, influencers get paid base on conversions. For example, every website visits they can get x amount of money or every sales they can have 5 or 10% of the sale. Do you want to see these 5 examples on real case studies? Let me know and we’ll do it on our upcoming episodes. Don’t forget to download our ebook which we are linking up so you can have a complete guide and start your influencer campaigns soon!

大家好!今天我會總結一下 最常見到與網紅合作的方法! 如果想要完整說明的話,請下載我們的電子書!連結在此!

#1: 送大禮 直接把你的產品送給網紅 這並不保證他們會 在 IG 上發文 然而這十分適合一些新的品牌 尤其是那是沒有很多預算的品牌

#2: 付費貼文 向網紅支付一筆費用 並要求他們發文 甚至是多篇貼文 在我們的電子書裡,有談及一些基本的網紅收費

第三個方法是邀請網紅出席活動 包括新產品發佈,特別的派對 或者十分專門 請求網紅幫忙推廣的活動

第四個方法是體驗活動 你可以建立一些獨特的體驗活動 讓網紅 使用你的產品

可以是逛街 旅遊 造型 是需要發揮創意的時候!

最後是廣告分成 到目前為止,未必有很多網紅認同 但你可以先試試 這一招就是,按照轉換率 把銷售利潤分成給網紅

例如 當遊客經網紅推廣進站,他們可以分得一筆錢 又或者在網站上的每筆消費 他們都可以分到 5 – 10% 的利潤

你想進一步了解 5 個 現實生活中的例子嗎?告訴我 我們下一集就會分享 請謹記下載我們的電子書 我們有提供連結 以供下載完整版 並讓你早日開展網紅營銷