Infographic: 4 Customer Acquisition Strategies for a growing business in APAC

If you currently head a business, it is important that you learn strategies about customer acquisition. In the beginning, majority of startups struggle to find customers. The reason is because very few people are familiar with your brand. As a result, business owners have to employ the best of the best in order to reach the silver of success.

If you’re a brand in APAC and want to grow your customers, check out these 4 proven strategies:




  • Chances are, your target customers are already looking for answers all over the internet. This is your chance to inform and educate them about their problems!

  • Start creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online

  • Types of content: blogs, ebooks, videos, tipsheets, infographics, whitepapers



  • When consumers search the internet for products they need, will your online presence be strong enough to be seen by the consumers? This is Search Engine Optimization

  • Improve your digital DNA by creating “keyword” optimised websites and contents

  • Another way is to do paid advertising or known as SEM (search engine marketing)



  • The current state of the internet is Social Media

  • APAC brands have been using platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Linkedin, and many more to reach a massive audience

  • Current trends show that the more “human” the brand is, the more they win the heart of consumers –the reason why brands start using Social Media Influencers or KOLs



  • What is being measured can be improved

  • Track your website visitors, where they are, what do they like; check your social media followers, what kind of photos they are happy with; review which keywords you’re most popular on, what are people looking for when they search the internet

  • Analyse these data points and continuously improve your strategies



Simple, it takes more than one strategy to build your company. In APAC where the competition is high, it is important to always be mindful of the latest trends. Acquiring new customers can be hard at first, but things will eventually be in the right place if your brand is determined to succeed!

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