2019 Influencer Marketing MYTHS: BUSTED!

Influencer marketing can be very unpredictable. In fact, there are still a lot of undiscovered facets behind it. If you’re a marketer, a brand owner or a social media strategist, you’ve probably heard some bad insights about it. But are they real? Is KOL marketing really effective or it’s just another unnecessary buzzword?

In this video, Irish Ong spills out the tea about those controversial myths:

Are you thinking twice on whether you should launch an influencer campaign?

Are you thinking twice on whether influencer marketing is worthy of a dime?

Let’s break it down to you:


MYTH #1: Only BIG KOLs can help my business grow

TRUTH: It’s more practical to work with a group of smaller KOLs

Working with a smaller group of influencers combined is much better than working with a single big KOL. Why so? It is because the audience and followers of micro-influencers are much more engaged. It’s also easier to target your prospect customers because of the KOLs’ reach and authentic appeal.


MYTH #2: It’s hard to measure ROI

TRUTH: This is just an excuse

It’s actually just easy to measure ROI if you know what you want to achieve. You can do this by simply setting up your metrics: reach, traffic, conversion, and many more. If you know what you are tracking, you will be able to clearly understand every aspect of your influencer campaign. But of course, in this fast-paced world, some marketers don’t have time to analyse their results. The good thing is that there are influencer marketing agencies that can help you track and measure your ROI.


MYTH #3: Fake influencers are unavoidable

TRUTH: It’s now easier to spot fake influencers

Majority of brands are scared to try influencer marketing because of fake influencers. The good news? Instagram, the leading social media platform used by KOLs, recently announced that they are removing fake influencers from their platform to protect the industry and the brands. This is definitely a good news for marketers.


After finding out the truth behind influencer myths, are you now ready to take on the KOL marketing journey?